Saturday, January 18, 2014

Incoming Mail Week #3

On top of this being my last free week before extremely busy and stressful spring semester I also managed to get some sort of eye infection to my left eye. While my right eye is normal, my left one is all red. This also causes me a bit of pain whenever I watch tv or stare at the laptop screen.

One reason why I'm having a short internet break and won't be replying any comments..
We'll see if this gets better before Tuesday.....


News from Aya! :)
Waited for the letter since Dec 28th - it was forst delivered to my old address but luckily it finally found its way to my hands :)

Christmas present from my Hong Kongese postcard pal ;;__;;
Oh god I love everything she sent!
IG swap from China

Postcrossing card from Finland

IG swap from Indonesia

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Germany

Private swap from Japan

Surprise card from Japan
My very first ("normal sized") Gotochi card ;;__;;


  1. Jotkut kortit noista on vaan niiiiin ihania :3
    Olis kiva nähdä millaisia juttuja sä tilasit sieltä modes4u:sta! :)

    Ps. Auts toi silmätulehdus :s Se tuntuu ihan hirveeltä varmasti! Ja kun ei voi tehdä oikein mitään missä pitäis olla silmät auki... :D

    1. Ne tilaukset tulee postauksena vähän myöhemmin ettei mun blogi vaan kuole ku alotan opparin kirjottamisen ja luultavasti mulla ei oo yhtää aikaa kirjottaa kirjeitä samalla :( Mutta on kyllä tulossa ennemmin tai myöhemmin postausta siitäkin :D

      Joo.. On ollu aika kamalaa ja kiukuttanu ihan hirveesti, mutta alkaa onneksi näyttämään paranemisen merkkejä.. LUULTAVASTI :D

  2. That's a funny Pikachu card :)
    And sorry about your eye...hopefully it'll get better soon...

    1. I know<3 :D I just had to get it when the girl wanted to swap for Moomin cards :3
      And thank you :) It seems and feels a bit better now.. Hopefully it'll be okay tomorrow when I start my German classes :S

    2. That's really cool then that you got it :) Sometimes one gets lucky with such things :)

      That's good that it feels better now then..and yeah..hopefully it'll be okay tomorrow then.
      You start German classes? Cool :)

    3. I know! :) From time to time I get to swap amazing postcards via Instagram while at times I just say no.. I won't swap Moomin cards for AD cards unless those would fit my or one of my pal's postcard collections.. :/

      Yup :) Had to take some extra classes to get all the credits I need to graduate and I chose to take German - Spanish is full, I've taken all four Russian classes and NO WAY I'm learning French :D Plus the German teacher is a native :) We'll see what I learn during 4 months :DD

    4. AD cards? do you mean like advertisement cards? If you mean those, then I wouldn't swap Moomin cards (if I had some) or other cards like that for them...

      That's cool then :) Wonder what you'll think about learning German then...let me know then how the classes are :)
      And if you have some questions, you can ask me then...

    5. Yup :) I'm usually too lazy to write advertisement cards as many seem to shorten it in Postcrossing to AD cards :) I had a Russian girl trying to swap old AD cards (that I don't even collect) to Moomin cards so I had to say no.. I want cards that I like and get to pick by myself, unless the swap partner has a bunch of cards on some theme I collect when I just agree on the number of cards to swap and let the sender pick the cards from one theme :) This happened with a Chinese girl from whom I'm waiting to get the cards from - we agreed to swap 6 cards and she had 16 cards from which she can choose 6 to send to me :D Can't wait to see what I'll be getting :3

      Will do! :D I actually even chose German as I can ask help from natives if I'm screwed :DD And it seemed like the most interesting course out of everything I hadn't already chosen :D

    6. Yeah...I've heard the expression Ad cards already...I just was a bit slow for some reason...:P and thought it would be a short version of some name or character or idea why I thought that...I kinda confused myself with my thoughts :P
      So I just wanted to make sure...

      Yeah..I think I wouldn't want ad cards either in such a situation...and with such swaps you can choose what you want or not....when you get an ad card through postcrossing, there is not much you can do...(even though some people are also discussing that ad cards aren't real postcards...)

      Cool :)'s always great to be able to ask natives. I'm also glad that I can ask Finnish people when I have problems or doubts, though sometimes my questions can be quite hard to answer to...

    7. I think ad cards are okay to a point.. If those fit my collections or don't look like ad cards (the picture) I'm okay with those.. But if there's loads of advertisement text on the front and back of the card it's a turn off for me.. For example ad cards of cat food would be okay if there's a cat :D Or some bird ad cards :)

      And most of the times Finns can help you? :D

    8. I wonder if those Warrior Cats cards I once found would count as ad cards? But I hated it that they had barely any space to write on them, only space for an addy to write (or some other short message).
      Advertisement cards of restaurants or discos I wouldn't really like though...I've gotten some not-so-nice ad cards already...

      It depends... when I ask them to correct my mistakes, they can usually help...or when I ask for the right expressions or words to say something. When it comes to explaining grammar explain why something is the way it is, then that may not be as easy to explain :P
      Some of my friends have by now learned something about Finnish grammar that they didn't know before :P

    9. I'd say yes.. Those are ad cards since there's almost no space to write.. :)

      I HATED GRAMMAR at school :D Never got it so I'm in a way surprised I did pass my Finnish classes.. It was so much easier and more interesting in English and Swedish classes :)

  3. Apua, tuo Pikachu-Totoro-kortti on ihan mieletön! :D

    Pikaista paranemista sinne!

    1. Eikö ookin? :D Oli pakko saada se kun sain katella tytön "For swap" albumia :3

      Kiitoksia<3 :)