Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Mail Day - New stamps :)

Last day of Christmas vacation (due to the fact that I'm a 3rd year student starting to write my thesis with one online course, one course with meetings on late evenings/weekends (first meeting next week) and German classes Tue, Wed and Thu), my eye feels a lot better and I got a bunch of mail. Most importantly I got the new stamps.

Yes, 1€ per stamp is a lot but I'm hoping to survive with these until March-April :)


Snowmen :) Love that they have their own Priority stickers :3
Old Finnish castles
The stamps are HUGE.

Seriously, HUGE. The Aurora Borealis one is a normal sized Finnish stamp :O

And last but not least the TEDDY BEARS!! :D
For Valentine's Day 2014 and three of those stamps include letters!!!! :D
I couldn't be happier!! :3


ps. Due to my thesis writing my blog will end up being a little bit quieter than normally as I spend all my free time writing the thesis.. But there are some upcoming posts that I've already scheduled to be published even if I'm not online for days :)


  1. Todella ihania merkkejä! :) En vain taida raaskia ostaa.. :D

    1. On :)
      Mun oli pakko mennä ostamaan kun kerran oli rahaa ja kun kortteilukaan ei taida ihan heti loppua.. Tekee pahaa rahapussille, mutta ainakin on kivoja merkkejä mitä lähettää :)

  2. aivan ihania uusia merkkejä! :) noi nallet on parhaita! ;) niitä täytyy saada :)

    1. Ostin ihan sen takia useamman setin niitä<3 Ne menee kuitenki melkeen heti kaikille kirjekavereille :DD

  3. Voi että noi nallemerkit on ihania <3 Täytyy kyll ostaa pian itelleki :)

    1. Kannattaa<3 :) Oon oottanu noita siitä asti ku ne kuvat julkastii<3 Ne on vaa nii sulosii :) Melkee yhtä ihanii ku 2010 Ystävänpäivä keijut<3

    2. On todellaki ihania! :) Voi mä jopa muistan viel ne keijut. Neki oli kyll sulosii :) <3

  4. Wonderful stamps! I love them <3

    1. Me too<3 :3 The 2014 year starts with great stamps :3

  5. Uii onpa söpöjä kaikki! :3 Itseltäni just loppu kaikki postimerkit, pitäisi varmaan ostaa pian lisää :P

    1. Kannattaa<3 Noi Nallet sopii NIIN kirjeisiin :D Ja 31.1 tulee sitten ne Tove Janssonin merkit myyntiin<3 :3

  6. Those snowmen stamps are really cute :)

    1. Those are<3 And I was about to skip those for good!! :O Can't understand why!

    2. Good then that you didn't skip them :) That reminds me that here they released some stamps too that I want to get...:)

      (And I was gonna say something about the Finnish comments above, about how much I understood...but now much more comments have been added :P but let's say then that I more or less understand the first 4 comments...except for maybe a few words I'd have to look up :P )

      And something else..why is there this symbol next to your name? The round one with something in it...a pencil or so maybe...not sure

    3. I'm so happy to hear that Germany got a new 75cents stamp (YAY!! THANK YOU FOR THAT DEUTSCHE POST<3) and the 60cents baby animal stamps are just adorable :DD I already got the hedgehog one thanks to a German postcrosser<3 :3 And I've heard that you're going to have a great stamp year (or at least it sounded like that when I got a list with all the stamps that are coming out :D)!

      That's great :DD I'm waiting for the day you're going to post a comment in Finnish :D

      Umm.. No idea :D I just noticed it after you said about it..
      Could be because I'm the author of the blog and that's the way blogger marks the authors nowadays? :D I checked some other blogs and yup, that's most likely the reason behind that pen inside the circle/ball :D

    4. That's cool :) Didn't know that there'll be a new 75 cents stamps. Did you get it already on a letter/card?

      Yeah..those baby animals stamps are really cute :) Was thinking about sending you some of those, but maybe by the time I get to finish your letter, you'll already have gotten them from someone else...

      Could be..I don't really know what other stamps might come out here...where did you get a list of all those stamps?

      Ok :) I'll see when I'll have time (and feel like) writing a comment in Finnish... Hopefully mistakes won't bother you ..(since I can't guarantee it'll be without mistakes...)

      Yeah...could be the reason then...not sure though. I think I've seen it on other blogs already...that symbol, but I never noticed it before on our blog, maybe I've overlooked it though... Or something changed and they added it.

    5. Yes, I got it on a postcards from Germany (not in an envelope and the postcard is too pretty to be sliced up for me to get the stamp ;;__;;) and one of my German penpals told me about it (after I complained for the millionth time about the 75 cents flower stamp :DD) . She collects stamps (just like her grandfather) sent me a written list (I don't know where she got the information from) with all the stamp names by month and the value :) Most of all she was upset about the upcoming WW1 "Never again" stamp which was probably 75 cents as well, can't remember as the list is at home while I'm not :))

      Send those to me anyways if you can<3 That way I don't have to cry in the corner if extracting the stamp from the paper goes wrong and I tear the stamp<3 It has happened more than once and it's always depressing :(

      Mistakes don't bother me as I make mistakes as well and I'd just love to start writing some German (in the future) here and there just to keep the level I'll reach during these 4 months! And I'm probably willing to study the language even more in the future :) Maybe that way I could get some of my short letter pals to write longer letters :DD

      I think they've just added the symbol.. I can't remember seeing it before :) Or then I haven't just noticed it earlier :)

    6. Ah, cool :) Maybe I'll get that stamp then too. Yeah...that's kinda why I hate it when postcards aren't in envelope...hard to get the stamps off the envelopes then...

      Ok :) I will then...unless till then I find even cuter (and newer) stamps.
      Oh yeah, seeing it like that then it probably can't hurt getting a stamp several times, if one gets torn or so...

      That's cool then that you don't mistakes :) Sometimes when trying to write Finnish, I look at what I've written and I think "something looks wrong"....but I just can't figure out what...:P
      Some time ago I looked at a short comic on the Aku Ankka page, with Aku Ankka and Iines Ankka, and Aku made a heart into a tree and wanted to write something into it...but by mistake he ended up writing "Iines rakastaa Akua", and she got really mad at him and called him "arrogant" or so...
      And I wanted to "correct" it then...but couldn't figure out how to...:P "Aku rakastaa Iines..."..."Iinesa/Iinesä" looked weird...a friend told me then that it has to be "Aku rakastaa Iinestä"...:P
      forgot about that -tä ending with such words :( but I knew it wasn't right what I wrote...

      That would be cool to see you write some German here in the future :)
      And yeah...maybe if they write only short letters because of their English skills not being very good...maybe then you'd get longer letters from those then...

      Well, if neither you nor me noticed that symbol before, then probably it is new :)

    7. Yeah and the cards might suffer during the transfer.. At least in Finland many cards get destroyed while travelling (even domestic cards)..

      I hate the fact that Germany has those "charity" stamps! Because this year you will get a charity stamp of Hansel and Gretel (if I remember correctly) ;;__;; Why charity stamps, those would be so amazing as normal stamps<3

      We'll see what happens in the future.. :) I hope I do learn German and manage to speak and write at least a little.. :)

    8. Yeah...not sure if I told you (probably I did)..but once I got that Pikku Myy card and a part of it was torn off :( Not sure if that would have happened if it would have been in an envelope. But I once received a shaped card from Bulgaria (in an envelope) and it arrived fine.
      And I've also received cards that got ink or something from the post office then it would be better if they were in an envelope...if that envelope gets dirty, it won't matter that much...
      And that card was white, so you really can see how dirty it got :(
      But I've read that some people like it when they can see that a card has travel marks...I'd prefer them without that though...

      Those charity stamps really confuse me...I was thinking about buying them, but not sure how you can use them...if you can use them like normal stamps, or how their value counts and so on...I think I'll go and ask about them one day...when I have time.

      That would be great if you'd manage to speak and write a bit of German soon :) Good luck with the course and all :)

      And in my previous comment I meant to write "That's cool that you don't mind mistakes"...but somehow the word "mind" got eaten :P

    9. I went to the post office today..and there they had a leaflet with a list of all the upcoming stamps in maybe your penpal got it from the post office too :)

    10. Aww.. :( It's a shame when postcards get dirty or torn :( So far that hasn't happened to me TOO often but it's usually so that I receive the ugly cards in envelopes and the prettiest ones are without one and tend to get eaten up by the mail.. :( So I'm like you - I prefer cards without travel marks..

      My stamp collector pal told me about those (when I asked what the heck do those mean - she sent me a stamp brochure and I saw the charity bird stamps of last year) and she told me that first there's the price and after the plus it's how much you pay more to be given to a charity organization or some other organization the stamps support.. In Finland we've only once had a "charity" stamp and it was for greener postal service and you paid 5 cents more per stamp.. It wasn't bad as back then (2009-2010) the prices were 75 cents per stamp..

      Thank you<3 I hope so too :) Though I'm still a bit confused about the pronunciation of some words and my mum already laughed at me as I first try to speak German like a Swede ad after that like a Brit/American :D

      That could be it! :D I'm so angry about the Hanzel and Gretel stamps still!! :D I already told my pal that I'll send her the prices of the stamps if I can't get those any other way :DD

    11. It hasn't happened very often to me either that the card got torn or dirty...maybe 2 or 3 cards, I think (at least with those it was really bad). :(
      I think most postcrossing cards I got came without envelope..."ugly" or not...
      But somehow it seems that white cards are more likely to get dirty than dark cards (or you just don't see it that much on darker cards...:P )

      Ah, ok..I thought it would be like that with the charity stamps..thanks :)
      I don't think I ever noticed charity stamps before last year...not sure if we had those before last year...

      I think it's normal to be confused about the pronunciation of words...I'm still confused about Finnish pronunciation sometimes, even after learning for quite some time now...
      Words like "näyttelijä", "terveys", "yötä/yöpyä" and so on are still a problem for me :(

      Why is/was your penpal upset about the Never Again WW1 stamp? (and yeah, it's a 75 cents stamp :) )

      I'm thinking about getting some of those charity stamps of Hänsel and Gretel when they come out next month...I could maybe send you some too if you want...

    12. That could be.. Too bad most of the cards I get tend to be lighter in colour and are immediately scratched :(

      Well I personally don't like wars at all and I wouldn't personally want to see War stamps so I can understand her being upset.. Didn't get a clear reason why but I do understand her.. Why make commemorative stamps of things that killed MANY people? :/ Yeah, sure, Finland got its independence after WW1 but still.. :/

      Aww that would be so nice of you :3

    13. Aww...that's a pity that this happens so easily to such cards...

      Yeah...I don't like wars either...but the stamp is a "Never Again" to me it seems like a stamp to remember to never let such a war happen again...which to me is good. It's not like they are saying war is a good thing...they want people to remind of the war, so that we'll never have another world war...(hopefully). At least that is how I see it... But let's see how the stamp will look like.

      The Hänsel and Gretel stamps will come out tomorrow Maybe I'll even put them on the letter I'm currently writing to you...(I hope I'll have your letter finished soon :) )..been a while already since I got it...:P

    14. Well I'd say that if USA keeps meddling with the countries near Russia they will sooner or later cause a bigger conflict or even war.. Seriously, the Fuck EU comment? That was a BAD mistake to make.. The whole EU knows now and I doubt the apology was even sincere.. But at least we proved that USA isn't the only country that can spy and eavesdrop on other countries and important phone calls.. But yeah, I believe there will be a third World War sooner or later, especially with things being like this in the world, EVERYTHING is related to politics..

      The Hänsel and Gretel stamps are out!??!?!? I need to go and check those out!! :3

    15. I haven't heard anything about that "Fuck EU" comment...they really said that?
      That spying stuff from the USA really wasn't nice...
      I do hope though that there won't be a third World War happening any time soon..but who knows...

      Yeah...well, at least that list I have says February 6 for those stamps...haven't really had time yet to go and look at them....but unless the release date has been pushed back for some reason, I think they should be out...but I'll check for them when I can...:)

    16. Yup! It was all over the morning news in here.. Good job USA, way to fuck up your contacts with EU.. And they don't even plan to apologise, just like with the NSA situation..

      I checked the stamps online (took a bit of research on Deutsche Post page with my language skills) and those look oldish :D I really like it :DD

    17. Ah..ok..I think I saw something about that on the hotmail website too, but I thought it'd be made up bigger or something...instead it was just some small link easy to overlook...
      But yeah...I used to be totally fond of the USA...but now recently I just don't like anymore what they do...

      Cool :) Good practice then for your language skills, checking the stamps online :) I remember the first time I tried to find info on Finnish pages..quite challenging :)
      I have some of those Hänsel and Gretel stamps now :) the 60 and 90 cents stamps..they look cool :)

    18. Yeah.. I haven't been that fond of USA after I've grown up and started hearing about the news and politics, and understood what everything meant.. :) Their first president said that the country is perfect and totally independent as long as they mind their own business.. Haven't seen that happening in a long time :)

      Yeah, I had problems finding the stamps when I first visited the pages :DD It was just horrible! :D But now I can usually find those from both Finnish and German pages :P
      And those Hänsel and Gretel stamps are gorgeous! :D Is the third one 140 cents or? :)

    19. Yeah...USA seems to want to be involved in like everything...unfortunately...

      True...the Hänsel and Gretel stamps are great. :) The third one is 145 cents (plus 55 cents for charity if I remember right) it costs like 2 euros (if I counted right :P )

    20. Just as much as Russia, apparently.. I seriously hope there won't be a war coming up..

      So it's almost like our Gold Medal stamps :D Normal postage is 1€ but as those are special stamps ("omakuva postimerkki") we have to pay 1,8€ per stamp.. I might buy a couple of those but only send those to my penpals who really want to get that stamp! No way I'd spend such an expensive stamp to some Postcrosser!

    21. Yeah...hopefully that won't happen...

      Those gold medal stamps are cool :) I didn't know though that they cost more than normal postage. And yeah, I would do the same...I'd only get such special stamps for penpals who are interested in it or collect stamps. As for postcrossers, maybe if I'd come across one who collects stamps, then it could be I would use such a stamp too...but not sure about it. There are other pretty stamps too. But I once had an addy of a postcrosser who said she's collecting stamps.

    22. HOPEFULLY.. Me and my BFF were just talking about it and it seems that Ukraine is ready for the war against Russia.. Hope it won't really happen as it could easily create the 3rd World War.. :/

      Yeah, those and some Police car stamps (came out last year) were more expensive than the normal ones but for some reason the similar stamp from when we won the gold medal from Hockey was normal priced.. :D No idea why.. But yeah, I'll be getting one for you as a thank you for the expensive Hänsel und Gretel stamp >3< And one or two for other penpals but not for Postcrossing as all my cards go to Germany or Russia.. :)

  7. Ai hitsi mä unohdin tänään käydä ostamassa noita! Olin jo eilen suunnitellut et meen työmatkalla mut enhän mä tänään enää sitä muistanut... :( Noh uus yritys ehkä sitten huomenna :)

    1. Kannattaa kokeilla jos huomenna muistaisi :D
      Mulla tuli onneks laatikkoon kun tilasin niin sain hypellä onnellisena laatikolta kotiin hirveissä paukkupakkasissa :D