Thursday, January 30, 2014

Camilla d'Errico, PostcardGarden and Socks(?)

I've been a fan of Camilla d'Errico's work since 2010 when I bumped into that thanks to my then roommate Emma. She had received one of d'Errico's cards from her penpal, I was allowed to go through all the possible ways to find out the illustrator and I did!
This ended in me buying one set of her "30 Postcards" "book". I sent most of those cards via Postcrossing, thanks to one I even got a penpal from UK :D
(FI-943395, FI-952953, FI-959170 and FI-976094 for example :)) Absolutely adorable (yet to some extent expensive, depending where you get it from) postcard set :3

Some a bit nude(ish) cards in the set (3-5) so it's sold for mature audiences

PostcardGarden Order:
Mymble, Lancy cat and Linda Peltola's Fairy postcards, envelopes, one small letter set and 2 tapes of Sentimental Circus

I absolutely adore kneesocks and as you can buy those for $2 a pair from ebay I just had to order two pairs - one for daily use, one for (hopefully) upcoming cosplay :)
100% lamb wool :3
For the hopefully upcoming cosplay. HOPEFULLY.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Postcards from ebay #2


Oh god.. I went NUTS when I saw a bunch of anime cards being sold - I mean SETS. Usually there are a bunch of one-two postcards with $5+ AND postage.. So getting 10 postcards with nearly the same price (and combined shipping) I might have just become this seller's favourite customer :D Jolteon earrings and necklace are coming, as well as one more postcard set.. Not to mention the couple of cheap(ish) and rare FullMetal Alchemist postcard books I found ;;__;; Oh gosh my heart just melted and my wallet tried its best to runaway.

Soul Eater Postcard Set (10 postcards)

Arina Tanemura's (my favourite mangaka - yes I've been to this anime/manga stuff since 1999) Gentlemen's Alliance Cross (and one Full Moon wo Sagashite postcard) Postcard set (10 postcards+some extras for being great buyer :DDD)

Kuroshitsuji&Monoshitsuji  (Black Butler 1&2) Postcards Set (10 postcards)

Kuroshitsuji/Monoshitsuji and Vampire Knight Postcard Sets (see how the envelope is for "Otaku Princess"? :))

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anime Stickers from ebay

The same seller from whom I ordered the anime postcards (and my BFF's Jolteon earrings and necklace - picture coming up later on) sells some anime sticker sets. The sets are a bit poor quality but who cares, anime stickers!!! :D

The sets include one postcard and 24(?) sticker sheets (I didn't count, I was just so happy I got some)

Code Geass Sticker Set (small, medium, big and extra large stickers :))

Vampire Knight Sticker Set (small, medium, big and extra large stickers :))

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Outgoing Mail of January (Weeks #1-4)

On New Year's Eve my lovely baby showed me that he doesn't approve my hobby or the fact that I've filled the old suitcase with the letters I've received ~2009-2013 :)


to Emma
to Maria

to Germany

to Germany

to Germany
to Germany

to Germany

to USA
to USA
to Germany
to Maria

to Emma
to Thomas

to Creamy

IG swap to China
IG swap to Indonesia

Envelope full of FBs to USA and Moomin swap via IG to China (forgot to take photos!)

IG swap to China
Postcards to Maria pt.1

Postcards to Maria pt.2

Private swap to Japan via PC forums
to Japanese postcard pal

to Japanese postcard pal
Thank you card to Japan

to Poland and 2nd card to USA

2nd card to Australia

2nd card to Turkey
Of course the first one arrived RIGHT after I had sent this card D: Well, he'll be sending me stamps as a thank you :)

to Germany and 2nd card to Brazil
to Russia

to China

to USA

to Netherlands

to Belgium
Mila Marquis' card to Finland

to Italy

to Sweden
to Switzerland
to Portugal
to South Africa
to Slovenia

to United Kingdom

to Hong Kong

to Austria

to Norway
to Germany
After a LONG list of not that nice profiles (long lists on what NOT to send etc.) I got a profile of a German girl with similar taste in postcards. I got so happy that I didn't know what to send to her so I chose 3 cards and 2 teas for her :)
And she just LOVED the surprise! ^^
to Czech Republic

to Thailand

to Singapore
to France

to Finland

to Greece

to Turkey

to Netherlands
Shinzi Katoh's Alice in Wonderland illustration :)
to Latvia

to New Zealand

to Malaysia

to Poland

to Belarus

to Austria

to Lithuania

to Hungary

to Spain

to Romania
to Japan
For once I get to geek out with fellow Doctor Who fans :3 Hope she'll like the card :3

to Netherlands