Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I was supposed to work hard last week on my assignments but then I fell sick and slept most of the time, worked hard on the 3-5 assignments (can't even remember which assignments or how many I was doing back then.......), took a break on Thursday, found a nice new game on Friday..... which I played..... for nearly 48 hours.......
Then on Sunday I started working again and finished that on Monday..

But I still have piles and piles of assignments to do (or at least it feels like that) and of course, yesterday after I finished my presentation (Power Point and essay for that presentation) I spent the rest of the night watching Doctor Who while I COULD have done my assignments................................. F...............................
But hey, the "final" deadline is Saturday-Sunday night as I'm going to meet my aunt and 3 cousins in Mikkeli on Sunday (visiting grandpa's grave and eating out) so I better start kicking my ass and WORK on the assignments even if those include all-nighters.

My current feelings?

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But what can you do?
I also decided to take 2-3 courses for the spring while I'm (HOPEFULLY) writing my thesis and looking for a job until I go and do my internship somewhere.. I'm going to be so screwed..

And one of the courses? Active Holidays. Include loads of winter sports. My favourite thing to do during winter?

from weheartit
Back to dying school work :(



  1. I'm sorry, but this posting is fun. lol But I hope you're not crying like the girl in the movie. "Assignments" are history for me, but I can still remember how it was like to have piles of assignments on top of your everyday school studies. A cup of nice tea might help you to forget about the assignments ... for a couple of minutes. :D

    Good luck and take care!

    1. I'm not crying like that right now but yesterday it was really close :D
      I really wish assignments would be history for me too but no.. :( Still some to do even though I've managed to do some today!! Yesterday not so much as I went to bed early and only slept for 11 hours :D Luckily I have no classes today! :D
      Haha :D I can't slow down for a cup of tea (I just take it with me to my desk and continue writing the assignments) but I've tried to do everything else, including cleaning.. But as the deadlines are closing in I just KNOW I have to start working on those.. :(

      Thank you<3