Saturday, December 28, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #52

Only two mail days this week (Dec 24-26th everything is closed here in Finland) but I'm happy with the mail pile I did get :)


Surprise card from China via Instagram

Christmas card from Elsu

Postcrossing card from China

Postcrossing card from Czech Republic

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from Germany

2 typed letters from Germany.
Letternet is going to close down on January 16th so at the moment I accept all pen pal requests from there.

Letter from Kate

Christmas card from American pal

Postcrossing card from USA

Postcrossing card from Canada

Postcrossing card from Switzerland

Swap from my Polish swap pal I hadn't heard in nearly 6 months! :)
Sweets, stickers, used stamps, FBs and Diddlina letter set!

The letter set - 4 different papers and envelopes - 5 of each and 3 fake stamp sheets with 5 stamps each :)



  1. Wooooo, lots of lovely cards here!! :D And the lettersets are so cute!

    1. I was definitely spoiled last week<3 :)
      I KNOW!! >3< Don't know if I can actually use those :D

  2. Hello!
    Pretty postcards are from the Czech Republic and the U.S.

    (I'm following your blog. Maybe you observe my: )

    MIKI :)