Sunday, December 15, 2013


No, school stuff isn't done.. I still have exams left on Tuesday and Thursday..
But I did get my bookshelves and my stuff is organised :3

We bought 3 Billy bookshelves from IKEA but as my room is upstairs and the ceiling is stupid we had to work on those a bit (me and dad) but everything is perfect now :3
And I even got an used and old suitcase to store my letters in!! Oh the joy :3

Mostly books :3
And I'm DYING to open the Christmas packages I've received!! ;;__;; NO WAY I have the patience to wait until Christmas!!! :( I've been whining over this for a couple of days already and my BFF has told me to put those down more than 100000000000000000000000000000 times.. :(
But I want something to cheer me up now that I still have exams and probably won't receive anything but a couple of Christmas cards before Christmas :( Stupid school and procrastination keeping me from writing letters :(



  1. Oi miten kivat hyllyt :) nyt on sitten järjestystä :)

    1. On! Vihdoin ja viimein! :) Ja ne on kivasti kun toisella puolella huonetta vaatekaappi on samalla tavalla<3 :3 Ja kuten sanoit, kaikki on suunnilleen järjestyksessä :D Enää ei oo kirjoja ympäri huonetta :)

  2. My room is upstairs too..and I have the same problem with shelves...I also gotta figure out a good way to use the available space. I love having a room upstairs, but the roof sometimes is a problem.
    But maybe I also simply have too many books, lol.

    1. Haha :D We had been fighting with this problem until mum came up with this idea and me and dad worked on the ready made shelves so that those fit my room :) And I couldn't be more pleased with those right now<3 :)
      There's no such thing as too many books! :D

    2. That's cool then :) Maybe I can use your idea with the shelves for my own room too :)

      Well, for me there isn't such a thing as too many books either..but for my parents there is...:P They say I could open a small library of my own already...

      Today finally my orders sent on the 2nd of december came...phew. Not sure if all came already though, but at least some things are here now...

    3. If you have similar space issues I really recommend you to what I did :D Besides those were easy to modify and put together (IKEA deserves all love it can get).

      Haha :D Luckily my parents have a bigger library than I have (though half of those books are children's books that they read to me and my brother when we were small :)) so I don't hear any complaints.. Unless mum sees me carrying a huge package full of books to my room :P

      I'm happy you got your orders! :D I'm still waiting for my and my brother's Christmas present to arrive from UK&USA.. Tomorrow it'll be 2 weeks since the USA package started its travel towards Finland.. And even the packages from Germany (the amazon order came from Germany even though I ordered it from :D Go figure..) and Taiwan came.. But I hope those will arrive this week!!! :) Need to wrap my brother's package to Hello Kitty paper xD

    4. Yeah, I'll see if something like that works with my room as well :)

      Cool then that your parents have a bigger library than you...with me it's the other way round, I think. Though my dad has many books as well, but not as many as I do...
      Mom says that for each new book I buy, I should get rid of an old one...but that doesn't really work :P

      Yeah, I'm glad they finally came :) Now all the orders from December 2nd are I just gotta wait for the orders from December 5th, December 11th and the last one was sent today...:P
      And suomikauppa seems to be able to afford 1st class mail again...their last two packages came as priority again...and they arrived fast.
      Feels almost weird to have the current Aku Ankka mag now before the new one comes out...
      Usually I get the Aku Ankka mag only after the next one came out, and sometimes even two new mags have been released in the meantime :p
      That is annoying especially when I order a mag with a story split into several right now there is a story in it again that has at least 3 parts..*sigh* :P Means I gotta buy 3 mags in a row at least...I really hope that the third part will also be the last one...

      Hopefully you'll get your packages soon then as well :) I hope I'll get some more stuff this week too...but I don't really know..
      And I got a package today also from a friend ..and two of the things she sent, she wrapped them into some nice paper...that will be so hard to keep them wrapped till christmas...

      BTW, I just received an e-mail saying that letternet will be shut down in January...did you get that mail too?

    5. Sorry for the late reply! School made sure to keep me busy until the end :)

      That Aku Ankka thing sucks :D I remember when we ordered those and you always had to wait a week to read the next part and then again another week and at least in our area the mag came a day late now and then :/ Sure, first world problems and everything but still :D Must be amazing to have the current magazine and not wait for it and look as 1-3 new magazines have been published during that time :D

      Have you received your packages? :) I received the Christmas present I ordered for myself from amazon but I'm STILL waiting for my brother's Christmas package that was ordered and SENT from USA December 4th!!!! :S No sign of it and only 2 more mail days before Christmas!!!!!!! :S I'm afraid it comes next Friday which will be the first mail day after Dec 23rd :(

      Yup, I got the email as well and I'm really disappointed! :( It's such a great site though it could have done some changes to the way people take contact.. But still!! :( Need to check I have all of my German friends' addresses and probably start adding everyone to FB..

    6. Ok :) But now you're done with it all for Christmas can come :)

      Yeah, that sucks having to wait for the next part of the story to be released...but recently Aku Ankka has been having lots of stories that had several parts...
      But since it takes me quite some time still to read the mags, maybe having to wait for them to come isn't that bad...but still I get kinda impatient...:p recordshop x order came I'm waiting for the package from a friend...I hope it'll come before christmas.
      That's weird that it takes that long from USA, I used to think that things arrive quickly from USA, but maybe it has changed. I ordered something from USA too..on Dec. 6, still waiting for that one too.
      Says 8-24 days...let's see when it comes.
      I hope you'll get it before christmas...
      Some years ago I ordered something from Finland, in the beginning of December, and it arrived on Dec. 24...
      I said to myself that if it ain't here by christmas, then I'll contact them and ask...but then I didn't have to...:P

      Yeah...I'm disappointed too...I mean, they are right, many people there are not active, but still...I like letternet and I want it to stay....
      I gotta make sure also that I'll have all the addys saved elsewhere...

    7. Yup, Christmas can come even though it doesn't feel like Christmas at all with no snow and constant rains :D

      I can imagine! I hate the same thing with books.. I prefer stand alone books so when I finish the book I don't have to wait for months or years to get my hands on the next book of the series - by the time I've forgotten everything about the last book, which is the case of "Anna Dressed in Blood"'s sequel "Girl of Nightmares" D: Can't remember a thing and my friend has the book as she took it nearly a year ago! :D

      I keep my fingers crossed for you! :) I still haven't gotten my brother's present and our last mail day before Christmas is Dec 23rd.. I doubt it'll arrive then and arrives to the mail box on Dec 27th just to mess with us -__- Same thing as last year, couldn't give the present for my brother early as I received the wrong game, this time the shipping takes ages.. I already told him that next year I order his Christmas present in July so it'll be here by Christmas!!

    8.'s a pity that there isn't any snow...
      We only get rain too...on thursday when we wanted to go the christmas fair/village, it was raining all morning...and I was like "if it keeps on raining like that, it won't be any fun"...but then the rain stopped in the afternoon, and only started again in the evening, when we are already about to leave, and it only rained a little bit anyway, so it was at least mostly dry when we were there...

      Oh yeah, it's the same with books...I'm waiting currently on the third part of the Leena Lehtolainen series with Hilja Ilveskero, it will be released January 17. Been thinking about getting the Finnish original some time ago...but by the time I'd have managed to read it, the translation will be long released...:P I think it's called Paholaisen pennut (from her Henkivartija series)

      Thanks...good luck to you as well with getting the things you're waiting for...
      I really wonder if we'll get anything today...the last few weeks (3 or 4 weeks) we always got saturday's mail on monday...I wonder how it'll be this week. The mailpeople would have less work on monday if they'd bring us mail today...but no idea if they will.
      But they didn't bring any mail yesterday, so mail today would be nice...but I kinda don't expect anything today...which would mean 2 days without mail in a row...
      On saturdays they are usually late though, so it can come still...

      Aww...yeah, sometimes it would be best to order things very early...:P or (if possible) buy it directly in a store and not shop online, but sometimes the only way to get something is to shop online.
      When I can get something in an actual store though, then I get it there, because then I don't have to worry about shipping and all that.

    9. We won't be having any snow for Christmas eve - looks more like late October than December to be honest.. Some snow piles here and there (10km from where we live) but that's it.. Merry Christmas when it doesn't even feel like Christmas.. But just like my dad said "It's already the 2nd day of summer!!" :) At least the days are getting longer if there's nothing else to be positive about :)

      I don't think I've ever even touched Lehtolainen's book.. I'm mostly reading YA books and Finnish books and authors have always been a bit weird to me.. I read one book by my mum's childhood friend in high school and that was okay as I was really into psychology at that point and it had some psychology related subjects.. :) But that's it :S I think I just prefer those romantic/adventure stories that are the same in almost every book I read :D

      Hope you did get something :) I still have my fingers crossed for today.. Almost nothing on Friday so if my brother's present won't arrive today I'll complain to the store I ordered it from :( Worst thing is that the DVD is only available from USA and that exact store -__- Luckily it doesn't have a regional code so it can be played in every DVD player..

      I've always hated shopping if it's not for something cute or tea/letter writing related so it's easiest for me to just order things online :) And most of the things are more expensive in Finland, if those are even available in here..

    10. Same here...we had like 10 degrees or so today...way too warm for December...maybe that's why I am not really in a christmas mood yet...

      I don't really remember how or when I came across Leena Lehtolainen's books first...but she has kinda turned into one of my favorite writers by now...
      When it comes to books, I read everything I can get my hands on :P Whether it's those YA books or crime stories or biographies or vampire/fantasy stories...everything
      That's one reason why I have that many books...and why my list of books to read is really long.

      I'm still waiting for the package from my friend...Saturday we got mail, but not a single thing was for me. Today the mail people seem to have been here (at least I saw the post office car), but our mailbox stayed the last chance to get something will be tomorrow...theoretically at least.
      If tomorrow the things won't come, then only after christmas, and I don't really want to wait till after christmas...but well, nothing you can do if it doesn't come tomorrow.

      Did you get the things you were waiting for today?
      I hate that about American DVDs...unless they are region free, I can't really play them. I have some DVDs from Mexico, and I can't play them...
      At least with Finland I don't have that problem...

      Ah ok, I love shopping for CDs and DVDs and books...I like being able to look at the things before I buy them... Even if maybe later I'll order them online anyway, I still like to look at them first in a store...
      I prefer to shop alone though...not with others...
      And if the price of a thing is the same online and in some store (or even cheaper in a store)...then I like going to a store, then I don't have to pay for shipping, and I'll have the things right away...and no waiting...

    11. We had +1 on Christmas eve and +4 on Christmas day.. So I didn't really have the Christmas mood and now it's gone already..
      Oh well, got a clock from my parents and managed to spoil our little baby with catnip sweets :DD

      Haha :D My list is also very long.. Thanks to the fact that Goodreads publishes the synopsis of the books nearly 2 years before the book is published, I find the synopsis then and have to wait and drool after that and 387642374823 other books waiting to be bought and read :) And I only read YA books.....................

      Did you get the package? I received my brother's present on Monday and thanked every deity I could come up with :D And to my luck he loved the DVDs I got for him :) Going to have a marathon tomorrow night! :)

      If I need to go shopping I want to do it with someone else - preferably a friend or my brother so it takes a bit of time.. If I go alone I just run through the store, buy the things I need and am ready after just 15-20minutes while with friends it might take up to 2 hours.. But all in all I prefer shopping online :) Easier, no queuing and things are brought to your mailbox/door :)

    12. Yeah...I wasn't in a really in a christmas mood either...and the only snow this year at Christmas I've seen on DVD, :P
      How can they publish the synopsis 2 years before the book is published?
      But yeah, I'd hate that too...waiting for a long time till I can actually get to read it...or watch a DVD or so...
      From the time a movie comes in cinema and then when it finally gets released on dvd, that can be a really long time too...:P And the last weeks and days are the worst...

      Yeah..I got woken up by the mailman on tuesday and they brought the package from my friend :)
      I was so glad to be able to open it on christmas eve. :) She sent me an Aku Ankan taskukirja, the Niko 2 DVD (Lentäjäveljekset), an Aku Ankka DVD, a Pikku Myy towel and chocolate :)
      And I also got the CD I ordered from the came on tuesday too...phew.
      Now I'm only waiting still for the last Aku Ankka mag I ordered..the one from last week...

      That's cool that you got your brother's present :) And great that he liked what you got for him :)

      I kinda prefer to go shopping on my own speed...not having to wait for others, or having to rush through stores when the other person only hurries through the store...
      But sometimes it is also fun to go shopping with someone else...

      Shopping online is cool too..but sometimes I hate to wait for the things to be delivered...but I still do it a lot.
      And with shopping online, sometimes I worry that the things get lost. Like for example if I order a weekly magazine like Aku Ankka and it gets lost...(since they say it can take up to 30 days for it to arrive), so I then have to wait for it to come (luckily I haven't had to wait those 30 days always came earlier). But after 30 days if it hasn't arrived by then, then they can't send me the same mag again, cause it won't be available anymore...
      CDs or DVDs at least can be replaced when they get lost, unless it was like the last copy they had...
      But so far at least nothing has really ever gotten lost, so maybe I worry too much...

    13. So many books are released every year and some authors may even write 3 books at the same time (like Cat Patrick) so the books are scheduled or there's problem with self publishing that takes AGES.. That's one reason some books are there a year or two before the release (plus there are ARCS and some people are allowed to get the book months before its release, read and review it..) It's just how things roll :/

      Aww :) You received a lovely package then :)
      SO far none of the packages I've ordered/sent have gotten lost - one just took one year to arrive to me :DD

    14. Interesting...I don't think I've ever heard of scheduled books...or maybe I just didn't pay attention to that...
      But it would drive me crazy to read a review before the release of a book and then have to wait a long time to read it...
      It's hard enough at times when you know there is a new book coming out in some months and you have to wait to read it...even without knowing much about it...:P

      Yeah :) I was so happy to get those things :) Watched the DVDs by now and I loved them :)
      Yeah...none of the packages I've ordered have gotten lost either...but some had been returned to sender for some reason...either cause of customs maybe or cause of addy not being written clearly...
      And one package I once sent travelled to the wrong country...:P instead of going to Mexico, it went to Morocco first...but it just took a bit longer...and it hadn't been handled very careful during that time...but nothing broke or so...luckily..

      Having to wait one year for a package would drive me I guess I wouldn't expect to get that package anymore after so much time...must be a nice surprise then to get a package after that much time...

    15. I've started to hear about that since 2011 when I got back into reading.. And I got an author friend and follow a couple of book blogs :) But otherwise I wouldn't have heard about it.. Guess it's more of a thing in the US than in Europe :)
      It drives me crazy as well!! There are a bunch of books I'd LOVE to get (even though I have unread books on my own shelves and I won't be able to read before summer due to my thesis ;;__;;) and I have to read reviews of those even months before the books are out ;;__;;

      I don't think any the letters that have been sent to me were returned to the sender but I've gotten my letters returned to me as some mailmen/ladies can't apparently read(or understand) to/from... D: But luckily I can resend it with the same stamp (even if it's cancelled) if I go to the post office and tell them that it was sent to the wrong address :)
      Morocco instead of Mexico? :D Postcards to me have taken detours via Taiwan and Thailand but that's it.. Never something like Morocco instead of Mexico :DD But I am waiting when someone messes up Australia and Austria :D

      Getting a package after one year was really confusing :D I didn't know what it was or from whom until I opened it :D

  3. Well organized! :D I need to buy a bookshelf but don't have a space for that at our place, so my books are on the floor...need to do something with them! X( Good luck with your school stuff! :)

    1. Thank you! :) I waited for these bigger shelves for ages and I couldn't be happier now that all my books and smaller penpalling supplies are organized :) Hope you'll be able to get a shelf sooner or later!! :) I hated having all my books on the floor for months :)
      Luck is actually what I need while trying to get a commissioner for my thesis.. :P So thank you<3

  4. Tosi kivat hyllyt!! Haha, mä oon jo avannu kaikki tähän mennessä tulleet joululahjat kun en oo malttanut odottaa :D

    1. Kiitti :) IKEAn kaluisteta ku vähän muokkaa oman tarpeitten mukaisestini saa vaikka mitä kivaa aikaa.. Ja jonku verra polttopuita ;)
      Mulla on muutama ulkomailta tullu paketti aukastu, mutta muutamaa muuta pakettia pidän vielä kiinni.. :D Jaksoin kumminki odottaa 23 päivää heinäkuussaki niin miksei sitte 24 joulukuussa? :D