Thursday, December 19, 2013


YAY! All exams are done and so are assignments!! And I won't even think or touch Subject Analysis before Dec 27th if even then!! GOTTA START WRITING LETTERS ONCE AGAIN!! :D Too bad the letter pile is high and I don't even know where to start! I'm the most disorganized person there is, especially whenever I'm stressed.. Yesterday I found one of the received letters under my bed.. Not a good thing..

Luckily I met my BFF Kim and childhood friend N today right after I was done with my last exam :3 Met N just quickly, exchanged presents (I got stamps just like I asked - she promised to buy some as I was complaining over the upcoming postage prices) and me and Kim hang around a bit longer. Can I just say how amazingly talented and sweet my BFF is? We've known for 10 years, been BFFs for 8-9 years and she knows exactly what I WANT :D I had no idea what she was getting for me and I wasn't planning on opening the present until Christmas but she went "Are you sure you don't want to open it right now?" over and over again..

After a while we sat down, I opened the gift bag (like she wanted me to) and the first thing I saw and got a fangirl squee over was:

My favourite Disney Prince from my all time favourite Disney movie and one of my favourite animated movies (battles with Despicable Me 2 ;)) Love it to bits and it currently has a place next to Rapunzel drawing I got from my German penpal Kitty as a birthday present! :3

Together at last :3
Need to FINALLY buy the movie the moment I have money though I already know it by heart :D

But I think I need to start cleaning my room to check all the letters are where those are supposed to be and then start writing once again. YAY!!! :3



  1. Those are amazing drawings :) I wish I could draw like that...

    You don't have the Tangled movie yet? I thought you had it already, since you often wrote about watching I thought you had been watching it on DVD...

    1. Me too!! I drew a LOT during middle school but quit after everyone else around me were million times better than I was :D Now I really regret it!

      Nope :D Wish I did but I want the UK/US version so it's really Tangled instead of "Kaksin Karkuteillä" - the horrible Finnish text in front of the DVD X__x
      I've seen it like a million times from my friends' DVDs or watched it online (it's available in Netflix etc :))

    2. Yeah...I used to draw as well when I was younger, but I also stopped at some point. Some say you can improve the way you draw, or learn to draw (better), but not sure if I would have the patience for that...

      Ah, ok. I have the DVD. :) Not the UK/US version...but the German one and the Finnish one :P
      I like the finnish title, but maybe I just like it because I'm really into Finnish stuff right now...:P
      I'm usually also less fond of things in my native language...

    3. You definitely improve your drawing skills by drawing often but I definitely don't have the patience or time for that :D I'd say I have nearly 50 books on my shelves that are waiting for me to pick those up and read and a pile of letters waiting for me to reply to those :)

      I HATE the Finnish title :D I wish all DVDs would just have the original names and not translated.. Especially the new Disney movie, Frozen ("Huurteinen Seikkailu").. Sounds like a drunken Saturday night instead of the actual story :P

    4. It's the same for me...I think I'd give up pretty quickly if the drawing skills don't improve as quickly as I want them to....
      And I also have lots of books waiting to be read, letters or cards to write, movies to watch, and other things...

      I actually like the German title of the Tangled movie..sometimes I don't like the German translations, but with that one I do...
      Translations don't really bother me that much usually...but maybe I'm just used to them...cause everything here gets translated (or almost everything)...except for some series like Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars...nobody translated them here... me the Finnish titles sound cool..but then to me it's all new and exciting still...:P

    5. Haha :D I hope to start writing today as I've just managed to reply and send cards to all of my postcard pals waiting to hear from me.. Or at least I think so :D No time for drawing, especially since I just started stressing over the Subject Analysis and my thesis when I was about to go to bed last night.. Such a wonderful feeling - you're about to close your eyes and your scumbag brain comes up with all the things to stress about, making you unable to fall asleep :D Think I need to start writing that on Thursday or Friday like I've planned so I won't be too stressed afterwards.. :)

      In Finland most of the series get translated names, for example The Big Bang Theory (Rillit Huurussa - I HATE THAT NAME.) but True Blood, Doctor Who and Vampire Diaries were able to keep their original names.. Thank god they don't dub those things though.. I'd hate to hear the Finnish dubs.. One reason I don't go and see the animated movies in movie theatres..

    6. Oh, I hate that when that happens...when I'm about to go to sleep, and my brain won't let me sleep cause it decides to worry or think about something, or if I come up with something important. Sometimes I gotta get up and write down whatever thing runs through my mind, so that I can sleep...:P

      Lots of things get translated here too...the Tangled movie here got a funny German name, something related to hairstyles or so....some kind of pun, hard to translate...but it sounds funny to me.
      With series they seem to be lazy here though when it comes to translating...all the series I can think of have kept their original name, like Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars, Two and a half man, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory...and so on. Which is weird, since movie titles all get translated...

      We get everything dubbed here (but you probably know that already)...
      But I bought the first season from Pretty Little Liars from recordshop x, since at that poinnt the dvd there was cheaper than in Germany..and then after a while of watching that series in English with Finnish subs, it was weird to listen to the German dub...I changed the language to English then...

      Animated movies...well, I've been getting lots of those recently in Finnish...because the Finnish they use is fairly easy to understand (and apart from Finnish movies those animated movies are the only ones where I get to hear spoken Finnish...with all the other ones I can only read the subtitles...)
      And reading the subtitles has about the same effect as reading a book..doesn't help to understand spoken Finnish :P

    7. I just toss and turn until I'm too tired to do a thing and fall asleep.. I don't think I've gotten up and written things down during the last 2 years.. The last time was over 2 years ago when I was so stressed I couldn't sleep, got up and spent the whole night writing every assignment I had for the next 2 weeks..

      Haha :D I'd hate to hear Finns dub my favourite series, especially Big Bang Theory or Doctor Who :DD I wouldn't be able to watch the series ever again :D

    8. It sometimes helps me to write those things down that run through my mind...then I can sleep afterwards. Even if it is just a few words or sentences, then they are off my mind and I manage to fall asleep afterwards...
      For a while I try that tossing and turning too, but if it continues for too long, then I get up for a moment or so...

      Aww...well, with Big Bang Theory I don't mind the German dub at all, when I want to watch it on tv, then all I get to hear is the German dub...
      Why would you hate it if they'd dub it in Finnish? Because of the voices not being the original ones?

    9. I'm too lazy to get up.. Easier to toss and turn or stay in one posture for more than 10 minutes and fall asleep :)

      The voices aren't original ones and most of the Finnish voice actors sound horrible. The ones in the 90s and early 2000s Disney movies were great as they were ACTUAL voice actors.. Nowadays they use some celebrities, for example I heard that there is some Voice of Finland contestant voicing one of the main characters in Frozen D: And if everything else would be dubbed as well it would probably end up like Finnish Digimon did:

    10. I have pencils/pens laying next to my bed, and paper usually I can just grab those and write something down :P

      The good thing about DVDs nowadays is that you usually have the option to watch the original too :) Unless it's some really exotic dvd/language that doesn't include the original version.
      Some kids' movies here don't include the original, for example the Pippi/Peppi movies/series...
      But my dad said that there are some German actors playing in the Peppi/Pippi maybe there is kinda a "German" original too...or a German/Swedish co-production....

      Oh yeah, I think sometimes they do that with German dubs with the Niko movies there is a German actor/singer speaking the voice of the idea about the other speakers though...

      I remember asking my Greek friend (who I'm unfortunately no longer in contact with..) to send me VHS from Greece, because they had the original version of movies and series (X-Files in that case) with subtitles, and not dubbed like in Germany...
      I'm really glad that there are DVDs now :) that now if I want to listen to something in English, I can :)

  2. WAU noi piirrokset on upeita *O* <33 Mä täs just mietin mitä piirtäisin sulle tohon ylläri postii sitte, mut en oo viel varma ;D

    1. On<3 Olin aivan ihastunu tohon Flynn Rider piirrokseen kun sen sain<3 >3< en ees arvannu mitään tällästä - osa lahjasta oli helppoo arvata ku multa kyseltiin haluunko pussi vai irtoteetä ja piti luetella leffat mitä mulla on :DD