Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas cards


Here are (MOST of) the Christmas cards I sent out this year ^^

To Kim

Another to Kim (you gotta send at least 2 cards to your BFF, right?)

to Maria

to Bree

to Hong Kongese postcard pal I haven't heard from in a while

to my parents

to my Japanese postcard pal and Creamy

to an old penpal who dropped me due to her being busy
to British penpal and Emma
to Chinese postcard pal

to another Japanese postcard pal
to German penpal

to Finnish penpal

to Lithuanian postcard pal

to German penpal

to Aya

to another Chinese postcard pal

to American penpal

to Lola

to American penpal

to Klaudia

to German penpal

to E.

to Chuck
to Hong Kongese postcard pal


  1. Aaaw miten ihania nuo kaikki on! :) <3 noi muumit on niin ihania! <3 :)

    1. On<3 Ja kaikki muut paitti noi kaks eläin korttia (sain Puolasta helmikuussa) on ostettu Perromaniasta<3 :)

  2. Ihania joulukortteja oot lähettänyt! Mä unohdin skannata blogia varten mun joulukortit mitkä lähetin, ja tajusin vasta nyt tätä postausta lukiessa :D Noh, ens vuonna sitte !

    1. Mä ostin ja skannasin noi kortit jo lokakuussa :D Kerrankin kun ne osti ajoissa ja kasana nii muisti tehä kaiken tarvittavan.. :)
      Ite en oo hirveen iso perinteisten korttien lähettäjä ni laitan mielummin hieman erikoisempia jos niitä löytyy - varsinkin Muumi ja Angry Birds kortit nyt kun niitä on kasoittain kaikkialla :)

  3. Hyvää joulua! :) So many great christmas postcards :)

    1. I've watched some episodes from the Muumilaakson talvi DVD recently..and I think that card number 8 (with the dog and Hemuli, I think it's Hemuli?) is taken from that DVD :)
      And same for the card with Muumipeikko on ski...cool cards :)

    2. It's possible :)
      I hadn't seen those cards in a year or so (those came out 2011 if I'm not mistaken) and when I found those in Perromania I just had to order some :D I LOVE Moomin cards so much though hardly ever receive any myself, just like it is with Angry Birds :)

    3. Looks like it's probably based on the DVD..but not exactly the same...That's how it looks like http://de.tinypic.com/r/11qi83m/5

      Aww...I would send you some Moomin cards, but I don't really have any to send...Maybe if I go to Finland one day...or get some of those cards elsewhere...

    4. Yeah, it's like the drawn version of it.. Wonder if that's Tove's drawing :)

      Aww, thank you<3 Even the thought warms my heart :) I love sending Moomin cards all around the world and whenever I get a Moomin card in my mail box I skip around like a little girl :) I got a official postcrossing card from Finland today but it wasn't Moomin card :( Boo!