Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Outgoing Mail

All letters and everything together as I have no idea how these have arrived (or if these have arrived) thanks to the lovely Christmas time :)

Next "Outgoing Mail" will be posted in the end of January due to my lack of stamps :)



to South Korea

to Germany

to Germany

to Creamy

to D/Germany (used to be Finland and Austria - she moves around a LOT)
to Kate

to Chinese postcard pal

to Chinese postcard pal

to Kate

Instagram swap to Russia

Instagram swap to Indonesia
to Hong Kongese postcard pal

to British postcard pal

Surprise card to China via Instagram
to my Singaporean postcard pal
Postcrossing card to Netherlands

Postcrossing card to Germany
Postcrossing card to Ukraine
Postcrossing card to Taiwan

Postcrossing card to Belarus

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #52

Only two mail days this week (Dec 24-26th everything is closed here in Finland) but I'm happy with the mail pile I did get :)


Surprise card from China via Instagram

Christmas card from Elsu

Postcrossing card from China

Postcrossing card from Czech Republic

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from Germany

2 typed letters from Germany.
Letternet is going to close down on January 16th so at the moment I accept all pen pal requests from there.

Letter from Kate

Christmas card from American pal

Postcrossing card from USA

Postcrossing card from Canada

Postcrossing card from Switzerland

Swap from my Polish swap pal I hadn't heard in nearly 6 months! :)
Sweets, stickers, used stamps, FBs and Diddlina letter set!

The letter set - 4 different papers and envelopes - 5 of each and 3 fake stamp sheets with 5 stamps each :)


Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Presents

I think I made myself rather clear that I'm not going to send (nor I want to receive) any Christmas presents this year from my pals (okay, not outside of Finland as the postage prices are high and are getting even higher) and yet I get packages.. I feel bad for not being able to afford Christmas presents for all of my pals or even to those who sent me packages this Christmas.. You're amazing but still ;;__;;

Present from Isa/Germany

card and loose teas

YogiTea and the Lemon thingies I LOVE :3

Chocolate :D Ate everything by myself even though I am lactose intolerant :D

And the 12 different Yogi teas :D Chocolate!! :3 The liquorice was.. interesting :D

from Kitty/Germany - cards, bath confetti, pendant and that owl

From Maria :)

From Emma
Exchanged presents with my childhood friend - she got a book, I got stamps :D

Christmas present from Kim :3
Flynn Rider, Despicable Me, Tea and Stamps :3

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Blogihaaste/Blog tag - Finnish/English

Blogihaasteen ohjeet/Rules of the blog tag:

I was tagged three times first by Melissa, then Jeeni and finally by Emma. So I only write 11 facts but reply to 33 questions..
And HERE is the same tag with 10 other facts and questions, from April 2013! Sorry, it's in Finnish so this time I chose to try to reply the questions in both Finnish and English..
And no, I'm not sorry for crappy translations or the lack of pictures! :S

1. Jokaisen haastetun pitää kertoa 11 asiaa itsestään./Everyone who has been tagged has to tell 11 facts about themselves.
2. Pitää vastata myös haastajan 11 kysymykseen./You also have to answer to the 11 questions of the person who tagged you.
3. Haastetun tulee keksiä 11 kysymystä uusille haastetuille./You need to make up 11 new questions for the people you tag.
4.  Heidän pitää valita 11 bloggaajaa, joilla on alle 200 lukijaa/seuraajaa./You need to tag 11 more people with less than 200 readers/followers.
5. Sinun pitää kertoa kenet olet haastanut./You need to list everyone you tagged
6. Ei takaisin haastamista./No tag backs.

11 Asiaa Minusta/11 Facts About Me 

1. Blogia luodessa kuuntelin ihan kamalan paljon Daughtryä ja blogin nimi tuli mun silloisen lempibiisin "Life After You":n kertosäkeen ensimmäisestä lauseesta. Muistan vieläkin sanat ulkoa ja laulan sen aika hyvin koska oma ääni on melko matala. Toinen biisi josta meinasin napata nimen on "September" :)
When the blog was being created I listened a LOT of Daughtry and the name of the blog came from the first sentence of the chorus of their (my then favourite) song "Life After You" I still remember the lyrics by heart and I can sing it as my voice is rather low. Another one of their song from which I almost picked the name of the blog is "September" :)

2. Stressaan KAIKEN aikaa.. Mutta se ei estä mua olla tekemättä koulu tehtäviä viimetingassa..
I'm stressed 24/7.. But that doesn't mean I can't procrastinate..................

3. Vihaan kun ihmiset käyttää "sanaa" "lol" kirjeissä tai netissä.
I HATE that people use "lol" in letters or online.

4. Vihasin broidin musiikkimakua (hard rock, metal, new metal (that angry white boys music)) lukioon asti jolloin broidi tutustutti mut Dead By Aprilliin. Kaikkien aikojen lempibiisi onkin kyseisen bändin ensimmäisen levyn "Promise Me" (ei julkaistu sinkkuna). Mulla on kyseinen levy kaikkien kundien nimmareilla ja kuva bändin silloisen laulajan/karjujan Jimmie Strimmelin kanssa kun kävin broidin kanssa "Rockstar's Taste Of Chaos Tour":lla 2009. Iskän piti alunperin mennä, mutta sain sen lipun kun kuulin että kaikkien hirveitten metalli bändien lisäks siellä soitti aina niin ihana ja upea Dead By April :)
I HATED my brother's taste in music (hard rock, metal, new metal (that angry white boys music)) until I went to high school/upper secondary school and got introduced to Dead By April. My all time favourite song is "Promise Me" from their first album (not released as a single) and I even have it with all of their autographs and a picture with their (then) singer (and screamer) Jimmie Strimmel as I visited "Rockstar's Taste of Chaos Tour" in 2009 with my brother (he was going to go with dad but the moment I heard that Dead By April was going to be playing there I pleaded my dad to give me his ticket :D)

5. Oon koukussa FB peleihin.. mm. My Shops, Disney City Girl ja kirottu Candy Crush.
I'm addicted to Facebook cames such as My Shops, Disney City Girl and Candy Crush.

6. Oon tosi ujo ja introvertti. En tykkää tavata ihmisiä isoina joukkoina kun yleensä päädyn olemaan se mykkä, mm. omissa juhlissa lähdin muitten luota kun joukko alkoi ahdistaa ja kaikki tuntu menevän ihan hyvin ilman muakin. Se ei kuitenkaan tarkoita etten haluais tutustua uusiin ihmisiin, en vaan tykkää joukoista. Elaineenkin tutustuin kun se tuli puhumaan mulle :)
I'm REALLY introverted. I don't like meeting up many people at a time and I usually end up being all quiet. It doesn't mean I wouldn't like to get to know people, just one at a time and I won't stay quiet and look sad all the time. Even when I met Elaine SHE was the one who came to talk to me :)

7. Vihaan shoppailua ellen osta jotain kirjekavereille, kirjetarvikkeita tai herrkuja. Kaiken muun ostan aikalailla netin kautta :)
I hate shopping when it's not for pen pals, letter supplies or sweets. Everything else I prefer buying online.

8. Mulla on 2 "kirjaa/kansiollista" käytettyjä merkkejä ja yhtä paljon vielä lajittelematta.
I have 2 full albums of used stamps and just as many stamps that still need to be put to albums.

9. RAKASTAN musikaaleja ja osaan Wicked ja RENT musikaalien biisit ulkoa (osannu n. 6 vuoden ajan) mutta en ikinä menis kattomaan niitä suomeksi. Tähän mennessä oon nähny vaan Wickedin Lontoossa 2011.
I LOVE Musicals and I know the songs of Wicked and RENT by heart (for over 6 years already) but I'd NEVER go and see those in Finland and in Finnish!! So far I've only seen Wicked, in London in May 2011.

10. Oon ihan kamala drama queen. Kysykää vaikka mun bestikseltä :)
I'm a total drama queen. Ask my BFF if you don't believe me :)

11. En oo ikinä ollu tyytyväinen omaan kehooni, mutta oon vähitellen alkanu hyväksyä että oon millainen oon :)
I've never been happy with my body but I've slowly started to accept it and even joke about my body with my closest friends :)

Vastaukseni/My answers:

1. Jos saisit valita minkä tahansa asuinpaikan, mikä se olisi?/Where would you life if you could live anywhere in the world?
Sydney, Australia. My great aunt and second cousin lives there and I LOVE the city. Need to go back! :)

2. Mistä kouluaineista et pidä tai mikä aine on sinusta turhin?/What's your least favourite subject at school?
When I was in high school I hated art classes as our teacher didn't accept cartoonish (manga) sketches and everything had to be realistic. Say that to a girl with no drawing skills whatsoever -__- Also the teacher was a bitch and we had teacher's pets in the class (mostly guys) and you got the best grade if you drew horses all the time.
Currently I get to choose what subjects I take but I HATED the Academic Finnish course. 1,5 years of English being the language I wrote the assignments with and then suddenly I had to change to Finnish? No.

3. Mitä toivot joululahjaksi?/What did you wish to get for Christmas?
Stamps. Need I say more? :)

4. Mansikka vai mustikka?/Strawberry or blueberry?
I got to say Strawberry :) Easier to pick and the strawberry teas are lovely :)

5. Mistä blogisi pitäminen lähti liikkeelle?/How did you start blogging?
 I had a blog or two before this one. I started this as the Finnish lifestyle blog I wanted to have, then I chose this as the main blog (all the others were deleted), changed to English, started keeping this as a diary of sorts and after I started getting more and more pals who blogged I also started posting incoming and outgoing mail here. And somehow the blog just has a life of its own and it changed to mostly mail blog where I can let off some steam now and then :)

6. Mitä postikamaa olet ostanut viimeksi (postimerkit, kirjekuoret...)?/ What's the last penpalling related thing you bought?
Stamps - Postcrossing and Autumn (2013) ones :)

7. Unelma-ammattisi?/Dream career?
Don't really have one, I'm just going with the flow :)

8. Mitä pelkäät?/What are you afraid of?
Spiders, darkness, zombies, horror movies..
9. Missä toivoisit olevasi lahjakas?/What would you like to be better at?
I'd love to be better at drawing..

10. Mikä kappale tai elokuva on viimeksi saanut sinut itkemään?/What's the latest song/movie made you cry?RENT (the movie musical), especially the songs "One Song Glory" and "Goodbye Love"

11. Jos saisit mahdollisuuden olla näkymätön yhden päivän ajan, mitä tekisit tuona päivänä?/What would you do if you had the possibility to be invisible for one day?
I'd probably try to sneak to a Post Office and steal some stamps ;) You can never have enough stamps, especially if you're a postcrosser with over 700 sent cards :)

1.Suosikki vlogaaja/tubettaja?/Favourite Vlogger?
I usually find vlogs rather boring (one reason I don't make those myself) but I LOVE how Rimppu/Elina Cosplay/RECosplay goes through some cosplay related things using vlogs :)

2.Jos saisit yhden päivän elää joko musikaalissa tai olla vastakkaisen sukupuolen edustaja niin kumman valitsisit?/If you had the change to live one day in a musical or as an opposite sex, which one would you choose?
Definitely the musical! But I can't choose which one!! I love RENT and Wicked to bits!! The moment I saw the movie of RENT I watched it twice in a row and after nearly 5 years of listening to the Soundtrack of Wicked I saw the musical in London back in 2011 :)

3.Maailman kaunein sana?/The prettiest/most beautiful word?
Would be easier to choose the worst word there is but I go with friendship for now.

4.Jos sie ja Sarah Jessica Parker tappelisitte niin miten kävisi?/What would happen if you and Sarah Jessica Parker would fight?
Well I know that I would probably be so annoying (ask Kim if you can't believe it) that she'd have to flee the scene mumbling what a brat I am. But all in all I don't see why I'd even fight with her.. I have neutral feelings towards her as an actress.

5.Miksi perustit blogisi?/Why did you start your blog?
Well based on the first post I was planning to write this one in Finnish while I had another one in English. I just wanted to write how I felt and to upload my postcrossing cards here now and then. Then it changed to a lifestyle blog and after a break up and the fact that my ex was still following my blog I tried my best to change this to a mail blog so that he would stop following me, getting bored to just see from where I got postcards and letters from :) Now I'm moving back to mail/lifestyle blog that's focused on mail :)

6.Miten paljon välitä siitä miltä ihminen näyttää?/How much does it matter what the person looks like?
To be honest I don't care at all what the others look like nor what I look like unless I'm going to a photoshoot or a cosplay convention. I don't have problems going to school or town without make-up and I feel rather sad for people who keep on saying they look horrible without make-up and can't even go to take the trash out without make-up. People look prettier when they're all natural! :)

7.Missä näet itsesi 8-vuoden päästä?/Where do you see yourself in 8 years?
Surrounded by cats? :) I seriously have no ideas right now, just let the flow take me somewhere~

8.Muumilaakson paras asukas?/The best resident of the Moominvalley?

9.Kuinka usein katsot peiliin päivän aikana?/How often do you check the mirror during the day?

As rarely as possible! I probably look as horrible as I feel right now with all the deadlines! But I do check the mirror if I walk past one.

10.Sähköt on pois viikon.Miten reagoisit?/Electricity is down for a week. What would you do?
Go somewhere where they have electricity? Read books and suffer from the cold as our house has mostly radiators that work with electricity.

11.Suosikki joululaulus/Favourite Christmas song?
All in all I HATE Christmas songs, especially the Finnish ones as those sound like the singers are cutting their wrists with a rusty saw. But I'd have to say I LOVE Fairytale of New York (especially the cover by No Use For A Name) as it's not a normal Christmas song and it's not overplayed in Finland, I actually haven't heard it even once from the radio! From Finnish ones I adore Leevi and The Leaving's Jouluaattona kännissä (Drunk on Christmas eve)
1. Mitä ottaisit mukaan autiolle saarelle?/What would you take with you on a deserted island?
 Tent, knife and my BFF. :D

2. Paras muisto lapsuudestasi?/Best childhood memory?
All those long summer days climbing trees with my friends (all boys except me :))

3. Mistä ammatista haaveilit pienenä?/What was your dream career when you were little?
Vet and a singer. Problems were that I hate(d) blood and can't really sing ;)

4. Tee vai kahvi?/Tea or coffee?
Tea of course! :) My stomach doesn't like coffee :)

5. Suosikki lautapelisi lapsena?/Your favourite boardgames as a child?
I can't remember really liking any boardgames.. :S But I HATE Kimble.

6. Jos saisit aikakoneen, mihin vuoteen matkustaisit, miksi?/If you were given a time machine, to which year would you travel to and why?
First of all the time machine has to be TARDIS but I have no idea which year I'd like to experience.. Maybe I'd go to the Victorian England..

7. Mitä tekisit jos voittaisit lotossa?/What would you do if you'd win in lottery?
I'd travel to London and New York and visit all the Musicals I could! :)

8. Mitä toivot joululahjaksi tänä vuonna?/What did you wish for Christmas this year?
Stamps :)

9. Kenen julkkiksen kanssa haluaisit viettää päivän?/Which celebrity would you want to spend a day with?

DAVID TENNANT!! (preferably dressed like the Doctor ;3)

10. Lemppari elokuva?/Favourite movie?
Disney's Tangled

11. Suosikki posti blogisi? Miksi?/Favourite mail blog? Why?
I have no real favourite but I really adore blogs that have and use BIG pictures instead of the small ones that for example blogger automatically publishes. Also the quality of photos and blog is important and preferably more pictures, less text :) If it's only a mail blog. Oh! And I like to see where everything is travelling to :) Hate it when there are just pictures and a text "I sent these" :)

My questions:

1. Any bad experiences with penpalling?
2. Weirdest thing you've received in mail?
3. Best thing you've received in mail?
4. Best mail experience from 2013?
5. Any countries you've had problems with mail wise (penpals don't reply, mail gets lost a LOT)?
6. How did you got into penpalling?
7. Are you still in touch with your very first penpal?
8. Other dear hobbies beside penpalling?
9. Do you send Christmas/Birthday cards/presents to your pals?
10. How much do you usually spend on penpalling a month?
11. How do you usually explain penpalling to a non-penpaller?

I tag:

Lola's writing place
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"Say It Like You Eat It"

and people who want to be tagged ;)


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas cards


Here are (MOST of) the Christmas cards I sent out this year ^^

To Kim

Another to Kim (you gotta send at least 2 cards to your BFF, right?)

to Maria

to Bree

to Hong Kongese postcard pal I haven't heard from in a while

to my parents

to my Japanese postcard pal and Creamy

to an old penpal who dropped me due to her being busy
to British penpal and Emma
to Chinese postcard pal

to another Japanese postcard pal
to German penpal

to Finnish penpal

to Lithuanian postcard pal

to German penpal

to Aya

to another Chinese postcard pal

to American penpal

to Lola

to American penpal

to Klaudia

to German penpal

to E.

to Chuck
to Hong Kongese postcard pal