Thursday, November 28, 2013


I was ready to throw a tantrum yesterday. Worst day in a while and on top of it I got no mail (luckily a couple of my Postcrossing cards reached their destinations - Philippines and Malaysia - and I got really nice thank you messages)! And I have a slight fever right now, I blame the lack of sleep and constant stress (and lack of food - how am I supposed to concentrate on school work and cook at the same time?). How the heck did I survive without starving in the student apartments?

The only things that do keep me working with the assignments, instead of doing the table flip with my laptop on top of it, is the fact that I get to open and watch the 6th season of the Big Bang Theory (and write letters) the moment I'm done with the assignments!

DVD from my brother and socks from Emma
I even burnt my fingers while I was making noodles. Failure at life?
And I just can't help but stare at the letter pile with a deep longing to write something else than assignments about this and that D: Even now, I've been staring an empty word document for a while like an illiterate monkey - I have no idea what the heck I'm doing or what I'm supposed to be doing. 2-3 pages (of academic writing) should be written and sent by 4pm.....

I'll cook for someone as long as they make my assignments ;;__;;
Please? I want to get back to life instead of looking at the screen of my laptop for nearly/over 12 hours a day D:


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