Monday, November 18, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #46


to Germany
basic wishes - views of home country so I chose a Unesco card

to Ukraine
She wished for Fairies/Fantasy

to France
she wished for cards about dances/dancing people
to Belarus
she likes Japan and wants to go there so I sent her a Japanese card :)
to Finland
she wished for book related postcards - libraries, book stores so I chose this reading bunny

to China
"send a card you'd like to receive"

to Philippines
Fashion related cards - had to go to my own tin box of cards I've received blank but want written.. The only fashion related card I could find ;;__;; I so wanted it for myself.....

to Mexico - YAY!! NEW COUNTRY :3
she wished for crafts/arts cards so I chose to send her a Rudolf Koivu card

to Spain
he wished for cards of old buildings/cities - is the 2nd oldest town of Finland old enough?

to Switzerland
His wishes included gold, beer and cards that the sender would like - I think there's a couple of beer bottles in this card?

to Belgium
no clear wishes - animals, cities and everything the sender likes so I sent her a dog card

to Australia
her wishes were of cards relating to the culture of the given country or horses - I chose horses.

Other Postcards

to Emma - unwritten card I got from a IG private swap from China

Thank you card to Japan for the GENSODO card :)


to Maria

to Emma

to Germany

to Estrella/Germany



  1. kiitos myös tuosta ihanasta Gatsby kortista :) se on ihana <3 yllätyin ihan kun hoksasin sen :)
    ja kirjekin oli ihana kaikkine yllätyksineen :) kiitoksia!

    1. Ole hyvä<3 Kiva että tykkäsit :) Seuraavan kirjeen kanssa kestää varmaan hetki.. :( Tekisi mieli vastata heti, mutta kouluhommat stressaa eikä anna aikaa :(

    2. todellakin tykkään :) <3 ei mitään kiirusta kirjeen kanssa :) ja kovasti tsemppiä koulutehtävien kanssa, kuulostaa aikamoiselta urakolta tuo :(