Monday, November 4, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #44

Ran out of stamps and new courses started.. Not nearly enough free time thanks to the online course and extra work for Great Britain and Ireland course.. :( Maybe next week will be better as I only have 2 contact lessons and need to go for (at least) one extra lecture on Thursday or Friday.. Plus I've been writing the school assignments so diligently that I'm hoping I'll manage to finish everything by tomorrow evening and be free until the deadlines on week 46 :)


to UK
Birthday card to Kim

to Maria

Postcrossing card to China
the girl wished for Hello Kitty cards and luckily I found one :D

Postcrossing card to Belarus
the woman didn't really have a wishlist but she liked art and pretty things so I chose this Santoro card for her :)
Postcrossing card to Taiwan
She likes rabbits and this Film Frame card of Pixar's short film (Presto) was the only rabbit postcard I had :)

Postcrossing card to Belgium.
She said she's a bookworm so I thought this card could be to her liking :)

Postcrossing card to France
The whole profile was in French (I only know "thanks" and "hello" in French, doesn't help that much) but after using Google translator I understood she likes snow, Scandinavia and autumn colours. Even though Finland isn't a part of Scandinavia I decided to send her a snowy illustration of Porvoo with one of the new autumn stamps :)
Letter and a Package

1,7kg Birthday package to my BFF Kim
Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy #2) by Wendy Higgins
Doctor Who Complete Second Season (she got the first last year)
Alexander McQueen - Genius of a Generation by Kristin Knox

Letter and a small surprise for Emma for the woolen socks she made me :3
Better picture of everything she got in her blog :)

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