Saturday, November 30, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #48


Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Letter from Kitty/Germany

Postcards and teas from Estrella/Germany

Letter from Maria

Pics Tuesday-Friday are taken with my phone as my parents left to Hungary and took my camera with them.. I should buy them a camera for Christmas..

Letter from Germany

"Christmas" package from Aliaa/Egypt (one of my favourite authors ;) Her book is amazing :3)
Book from my wishlist, letter and a Doctor Who (TARDIS) bracelet she made!!! :3

Postcrossing card from Russia (she had visited Helsinki a while ago and bought the card from Finland ;))

=Wishlist tag= from China

Postcard from my Chinese postacard pal

Postcard from my Chinese postacard pal

Postcrossing card from China
Double card

Postcrossing card from Russia
Another Polina Yakovleva card :)

Postcrossing card from USA

Postcrossing card from Belarus
Natalia Chetkova's card :)

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Germany
Apparently Zeche Zollverein is a UNESCO WHS but she didn't have a postcard of the actual place

700th received Postcrossing card! :)
from Finland



  1. I'm sorry about the flower stamps on my envelope...but I was out of stamps and the post employee was too fast for me... When you're not quick enough, they just put the standard flower stamp on the letters... Next time I'll get stamps first...

    1. No problem! :D I'm actually happy there isn't any new stamps because I haven't had the time to put the stamps to my collections in MONTHS! Need to start working on that during Christmas when there won't be any mail coming Dec 24th-26th :)
      Besides, it's the insides that count ;)

    2. I was worried you'd be like "oh no, not THAT stamp again"
      You might be getting new stamps with the christmas mail from Germany..cause I've seen that they published new christmas 75 cents stamps though, just 45 and 58 cent stamps...

      And yeah..the insides do count...but I like seeing cool stamps too on the envelope...(that's one thing I like about suomikauppa...they use nice stamps :) )
      Recordshop x only uses that postage paid sticker...

      Oh, and that last postcard you got is cool..the hedgehog card :) (forgot how they were called in Finnish :(...)

    3. Nope, it's okay.. :D I just hate it when German postcrossers send postcards in envelopes and they use those flower stamps :D
      I really hope I'd receive some Christmas stamp but I doubt I get any as I hardly send any mail before week 50 or 51 X__x Too busy as I just checked what the thesis subject analysis should be like (I start writing my thesis in January so I need to return the subject analysis by January 10th) and I panicked.. 15 assignments and 2 exams to go plus the subject analysis.. Plus I need a commissioner for my thesis :S Too much to do ;;__;;

      I hate whenever I receive those postage paid stickers.. :( Those are just so ugly no matter where those are from.. I've received those mostly from UK, Finland and Germany.. Can't understand why people don't have stamps at home if they send a lot of mail but take the envelopes to the Post Office and let them print the ugly sticker on it.. :( I only use those when sending packages and if I'm too slow/lazy to ask for stamps..

      Kiroileva Siili! :D Haven't received that many of those cards but in November alone I got 2 :3 I'm so happy!! ^^

    4. Oh ok :) Hopefully you'll get some christmas stamps :)

      Good luck with the thesis and all those assignments then!

      Yeah, I hate them too..the postage paid stickers...but I guess with companies (like recordshop x) you can't expect stamps...and amazon doesn't put any postage at all..they just have their standard

      Yeah, maybe those people just don't care about whether they send stamps or a postage paid sticker. I always tell the people at the post office that I don't want those stickers, that I want stamps...
      And yeah, on packages I mostly put those postage paid stickers too (or better the post office does it)...but it has already happened to that they put stamps on a package...depends on whatever employee works there...

      After not getting mail on saturday then, I got today your cards :)Paljon kiitos :) as well as the package from my friend I was waiting for :) So I'm happy today...your cards and teas, and chocolate, sweets, Moomin teas, advent calendar and a CD from my friend :)
      Just the suomikauppa order I'm still waiting for now...maybe tomorrow.

      Yeah...that was it :) kiroileva siili :) (gotta write it down...)
      I kinda like those cards now...they're funny...though kinda hard to understand (for me at least, lol) "Mä en edes halua tietää"..that I understand though... I think "I don't even want to know..."

    5. Got some Christmas stamps (13 to be exact) but I used up all of those less than 5 minutes after I bought those as I had to send Christmas cards<3 Now I have (again) next to no stamps and we'll see when I'll be able to send letters and postcards again :)

      And thank you! I'm nearly finished with the assignments, haven't even started the Subject Analysis of the thesis.. There's just the problem that I don't feel like writing those.. At all :( But everything NEEDS to be done by this Saturday so I need to kick myself to write and finish those..

      I'm happy I usually get to talk with the nice old lady from the post office when I go to the main post office of Porvoo.. She's always smiling and doesn't seem pissed or bored when I ask about new stamps or whether they have some exact stamps left :) And she NEVER puts postage paid stickers but stamps<3 :3

      I hope you've received the package already and happy to hear you liked the postcards! ^^

    6. I bought some christmas stamps too, but not that many, lol. I wish they would have Christmas stamps also for international mail, but it seems they don't...just for within Germany. So I always have to add extra postage if I want to send christmas stamps outside of Germany..and since I barely send letters or postcards within Germany, that kinda sucks.
      I think there is like one person within Germany that I send postcards to...
      They'll raise postage as well for next year, for national mail only though, and then it will get easier again to use special stamps for international mail..cause then you don't need 2 cent stamps

      Aww...yeah, I hate that too..things you have to do...while there are so many other (nicer) things to do...but what you gotta do just have to...whether you like it or not.
      Good luck with it all...and I hope you'll get it done...and then maybe you can rest a bit afterwards.
      And hopefully you'll get better soon too...not that sick anymore and all

      In my city here I never know which employee will be there, I think they have 3 or 4 employees, and one of them is (to me) the unfriendly one, lol. And he's often sometimes when I see that he's there, I'd love to turn right around and leave again, lol.
      And there are two counters, so you never know which will be free when it's your turn, lol.

      And the bigger post office in the capital of my state, there are so many employees there that it's impossible to know who is nice and friendly and has time for you...and who just wants to quickly get done with it.
      And also in that post office there are usually so many people there that there is a huge waiting line, so they want to get done as soon as it often happens that if you give them a letter or package, they just put postage paid stickers on it, cause that is the fastest way...
      BTW, I've been always or usually put pictures of your letters or postcards with stamps on you always put stamps on them at home?
      I usually take them to the post office, to make sure I put the right postage...well, with normal letters or cards that aren't too heavy or big, I just put stamps on them...but anything else I take it to post office so that they can weigh it...

      What package do you mean? The one from suomikauppa?
      Mail seems to be really slow here right now..I wonder if it's cause of pre-christmas time already...or if something else is the reason.
      Still waiting on some packages to come...Normally they could be here already..but maybe there is too much mail being sent out already...
      And yeah..I really loved your cards :)

    7. It's a shame that you don't have Christmas stamps for international mail, but the one you have is just GORGEOUS!! I got your postcards and teas yesterday and I was just looking at the stamp for minutes as it looked like it would have come from Japan - it was that pretty and amazing! :D
      Congrats and condolences for the rising postage prices but don't you also get 2 cent stamps so you can still use those 0,58€ stamps? :D And I saw that you're getting (once again) new flower stamp, this time 0,6€! :D I already asked my stamp collecting friend to get and save one for me :DD I think Deutsche Post should renew the 75 cent flower stamp asap! :DDD

      Thank you<3 I'm trying my best to finish most of the things today after 11 hours of sleep and thinking that I get to start writing letters and throw my laptop to the corner as soon as I have everything done :D And thank you, I'm not that sick any more :D Just some lack of sleep :D

      In Porvoo there's also 3 or 4 counters so you never know who serves you unless you queue for certain counter.. But for example yesterday I just started queuing to the closest counter (with the stupid clerk :() but as she was busy with some old grandma sending this and that (postcards, letters, packages) and the counter next to that was free the woman who was queuing for that smiled and told me to go before her as I had been waiting longer :) She was really nice and I tried my best to get everything done fast :3 And the clerk was of course the nice one ^^

      I usually have stamps at home so I won't have to take the letters or postcards to the post office, otherwise those might have to wait for weeks to be sent, like the Christmas cards did :S And if I send packages (and have special stamps like 1€, 2,5€ or 5€) I just check how much everything weights (approximately), check the price to send it online and add the needed stamps :) I usually try to avoid queuing in the Post Offices :D Unless I have hours before classes start :P

      Oh, it's a bit weird that you're still waiting for the package from Suomikauppa! :/ I got my order from Janetstore in just 6 days and it was faster than usually even though it's Christmas time! :O

    8. Yeah...I really like that stamp too :) It looks great. When my mother bought some new stamps, I saw those and decided to use those for christmas mail.
      Cool that you like that stamp :) least our postage doesn't go up as much as yours will...makes me feel kinda bad about ours rising only such a little bit...whereas you get such a higher postage...

      Yeah, there are 2 cent stamps..but those are so boring, lol. they look like this:
      (hopefully the link will work..)

      I think they are not going to renew those 75 cent stamps ever, lol...unless postage raises...
      And yeah, of course we need a new flower stamp now, for the 60 cents postage, lol.
      Those flower stamps are kinda from a "permanent series"...they always have it doesn't sound like they'll update them. Other, non-flower stamps, change from time to time, but the flower ones don't...well, one day maybe, but for now it seems like they just keep on printing those, lol.

      Nope, the package from suomikauppa came by now...I guess I didn't explain very well...sorry, lol.
      The suomikauppa orders finally came on friday, the other on monday (monday this week)..and both were sent as "economy" I expected...

      The orders from recordshop x I'm still waiting for...they sent it on Dec. 2 and Dec. 5...they could have arrived already...

      (to be continued later...about to leave)

    9. Well, here...even though we have several counters, but we only have one line/ all the people are standing in the same you can't really pick a certain counter...the one that's free when it's your turn, that's the one you get...unless you get sent to another counter for some reason...So unless you let some other person go before you if you don't end up with the counter/employee you want, it is purely a matter of chance which employee will attend you...

      Good luck then on finishing most of the things today :) And that's great that you are not sick anymore :)

      Speaking of lack of of my orders at suomikauppa got processed yesterday (or better today in the morning, lol...) at around 3 am....why are they working at that time? lol Maybe that Ville guy (from suomikauppa) couldn't

      Ah ok..maybe by now you're an expert on postage and stamps and all that :) When just sending a letter or postcard, I don't go to post office either, unless I'm out of stamps. But as soon as I'm insecure about the postage, I prefer going to the post office and let them weigh it...
      I took yours to the post office as well to weigh it, even though I assumed it would weigh the same as last time, and it I could have sent it as well without going to post office... But I'd hate to get it returned cause of not enough postage...

      As for queues, well at least in the smaller post office sometimes I get lucky and there isn't a queue at if I walk past and see that there is no queue, then sometimes I just go in there with my letters, lol.
      But the bigger one always has a queue...and I guess the closer to christmas it gets, the lower the chance will get for there being no queue at all..

  2. Ihana toi tyttö ja poika kortti tuolta Kiinasta! :) Tosi nätti! Sain sun joulupaketin valmiiks. Siit tuli isompi ku luulinkaan, ku innostuin vähä osteleen.. :D Laitan postiin maanantaina, avaa se sitte jouluna :)

    1. On! :) Ja se on vielä A5 kokonen ni se on AIVAN upee<3 Ja täynnä tekstii >3<
      Apua!! Itellä on vielä kaikki lahjat hankkimatta ja muuta >.<
      Pitää antaa lahja jollekin piiloon niin en avaa sitä :D

    2. Oikeesti? Vau! Sehän on sitte entistä hienompi ! *O*
      No on täs viel onneks aikaa jouluun :) tuli tuos ostoksil kyll huomattuu, miten kallista kaikki nykyään on! Se on ärsyttävää. En myöskää yhtää tykkää tosta postimerkkien hintojen noususta.. :/ Pitää vissii ittekki hamstrata merkkei viel nyt ku saa halvemmalla.
      Mullaki on aina vaikeuksia pystyä oleen avaamatta niit heti :D

    3. Joo.. Itteä ärsyttää ettei varmaan jää rahaa postimerkkeihin kaiken tän jälkeen, kun lainaa lyhennetään vielä muutama kymppi kuun puolessa välissä ja paketit on vielä lähettämättä :( Ostin tänää merkkejä ja laitoin niillä vaa kaikki ulkomaitten joulukortit menemää :( Muutaman kaverin lahjaki tulee olee pienempi kui suunnittelin :(
      Ja kiitos paketista :) Ollu nyt noin viikon hyllyllä odottamassa joulua :)