Saturday, November 23, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #47

Of course the moment I'm burning myself out under the huge pile of school work I get a bunch of postcards, a couple of letters and I'd love to write letters all day long.. I'm definitely skipping a class or two next week so that I don't have to spend 2-3 hours by driving back and forth and go to class for 1-1,5h.. I'd rather work on the school assignments all day long at home..

HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY DOCTOR WHO :3 Anyone else watching the special tonight? I'll be joining Elaine in Porvoo and we'll be fangirling together as I prefer David Tennant and she prefers Matt Smith (just like most of my friends :D).


Postcrossing card from Ukraine

Postcrossing card from United Kingdom
Bangor, Northern Wales

Kiroileva Siili postcrossing card from Finland

Postcrossing card from Switzerland

from Japanese postcard pal 1/2

from Japanese postcard pal 2/2
Lovely package from Emma

New woolen socks from her! :3

Postcrossing card from Singapore

Postcrossing card from USA

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Germany
How can people not notice and read from my profile that I LOATHE city views?!?! D:

Postcrossing card from France
The flag of Brittany

Postcrossing card from Finland

Christmas card from USA

Letter from Germany

Card from my old flatmate who's currently doing her internship in Berlin :)

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from Netherlands
Funny how both have bubbles in them ;)

Postcrossing card from UK
Another Doctor Who card and JUST before the anniversary :3

long letter (three A4 pages), stamps and tea :)

Cat stickers from Chuck :3


  1. Have you found and You replied to a letter from me? I sent it is probably at the beginning of October. Then you were busy, but did not see pictures of the letter that came, so I'm starting to doubt whether he lost along the way.

    1. I've received it ( and it's the next one I'm going to reply to as soon as I get rid of most of my deadlines and I have time to write.. I haven't been writing any letters this week and even the letters I sent last week were written 2 weeks ago during the weekend I had free time.. Now I'm trying to write nearly 20 assignments and study for 2 exams..

  2. I had not noticed. I understand you, then I'll wait, you do not need to rush. Good luck on exams. :)

  3. aivan ihania kortteja! toi ukrainan kortti on ihana! <3 :) muutenkin paljon kivoja erilaisia kortteja :)

    1. On<3 Tällä viikolla vastaanotetut kortit oli pääasiassa AIVAN ihania :) Harmi vaan että suurinosa tulee kuorissa kun sitä oon kyselly ni välillä saattaa innostua turhasta kun luulee että saa kirjeen, mutta siellä onkin vaan kortti :)

    2. kyllä meitä nyt on hemmoteltu hyvillä korteilla :) oiskohan toi joulumieli kun saa ihmiset intoutumaan :) joo, mäkin erehyn joskus luulemaan joitain kuoria kirjeiks, varsinkin jos niitä on enempi koristeltu :)

    3. Mahdollisesti :D Harmi vaan ettei korttikimara jatunu tälle viikolle :)

    4. hih :D harmi ettei tämä viikko ole tarjonnut yhtä kivoja kortteja sinne :/