Thursday, November 14, 2013

I have the best little brother ever! :3

I spent some time at my brother's place on Tuesday - I had school from 2pm to 4pm plus a meeting with a teacher at 4.30pm and my mum had the car and she was at work until midnight so I spent the evening with my brother. There was some sort of gas leakage in Porvoo on Tuesday and everyone but the people I met in Porvoo knew about it :) I learned about it thanks to Kim who called me and was asking why the heck I was outside.. The leakage didn't affect the city center and it wasn't even that bad as the first news made it sound like :) Still, my dad called me and told me to hold my breath while walking 20mins to my brother's place - yeah, sure, no probs!

But before that me and my brother met up and did some shopping (he paid everything :3):
-something to eat

Despicable Me 2 Advent calendar - Gotta love the Minions :3
Just watched the 2nd movie and I can't WAIT for the 3rd one or the Minions spin-off :3

Frozen Advent calendar - didn't have a calendar last year so now I wanted two
And I chose this just to make my BFF jealous as she's CRAZY about Frozen, she even has plans on cosplaying the main characters with her sister.

LOVE the stickers :3

The only Porvoo card I REALLY like :3

Some Christmas/Birthday cards from Citymarket.
OH MY GOSH THOSE ARE SO ADORABLE!!! Didn't buy all the available (various) cards but most of those :)

And Moomins + a couple of Christmas cards from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa :3
I WANT that cat card for myself!!
When we got to my brother's place he also ordered me my Christmas present I had been pleading from both him and Kim - The Big Bang Theory season 6 DVD

I won't be buying any presents for my pals due to my upcoming internship somewhere in the world (need to pay the flights and rent etc..) but I'm still getting presents for my family and my BFF :) And sending Christmas cards to nearly everyone I know :)



  1. Moikka! Blogissani on haaste sinulle! :)


  2. Mitä mitä mitä? Onks tulossa Minions spinoff? :DDD (Ja höööh miks mä en löydä mitään kivoja tuollaisa kalentereita? Kaveri löysi Super Mario suklaakalenterin :((( niin eppistä!)

    1. Joo<3 Minions spin-off tulee kesällä 2015<3 :D
      Super Mario kalenteri?? Onko melko eeppistä? :D Voi ku täältäkin löytyis! Ite löysin noi Minions ja Frozen kalenterit Lidl:stä n. 2€ kpl ja niissä on vielä noi 25 luukkuu ku ne on Briteistä :DD Yleensä jään ilman kalentereita, ku kaikki katoaa kaupoista marraskuun lopulla :(

  3. Hey, those Moomin Christmas cards are so them...

    1. I know right!! >3< I wanted to get those the moment I found those :3

  4. Those christmas cards are so cool :) Both the Moomin ones as well as the ones from Citymarket :)
    And the one with the cat and the christmas tree is cute :) That could be my cat :)

    1. I know!! :D I'd love to start sending those to my friends and pals with my address behind every card and make them send all of those to me :') I have no idea how I'm supposed to send those to people.. I'd like to just put those to my postcard collections :3
      Haha :D My brother said that the cat looks like our little fat ass<3 :3 Last year or the year before that he even managed to get all of the Christmas decorations from our tree and the tree fell while he ran upstairs as fast as he could :')

  5. OI miten ihania noi kalenterit ja nuo kortit! Kiva ulkoasu tällä blogilla.(:

    1. On<3 :) Olin ihan taivaissa kun kerrankin joku muu oli maksamassa kaikki ostokset mun puolesta :3
      Ja kiitos<3 on kuvannut ja suunnitellut bannerin :3