Monday, November 18, 2013

23 Deadlines between November 22nd and December 16th

..I don't think I'll be writing or sending that many letters or postcards during that ~month.
I wrote down  most of my deadlines (finished 3 yesterday so it was 26 when I started) and started panicking and nearly crying on Saturday, you know the "I give up, I'm never going to graduate, I'll just end up as a hobo on the corner of the street" - kind of cry.. Not helping was the fact that it was late evening and I had woke up early so I was dead tired..

At least my cat is trying to keep me company..
Sleeping in the bag where I currently have my plushies
At the moment I'm once again battling with my Finnish online course. HOW can an online course be held in Finnish when the teacher is Spanish (or so I've heard)? Why not make one of the many Finnish teachers held it? I might have gotten a 5 (our best grade, 0 is the worst)  then but no, out of the four assignments I finished 2 weeks ago I got twice 3 and twice 4. AND THE TEACHER DIDN'T GIVE ANY FEEDBACK ON HOW I SHOULD HAVE DONE THOSE INSTEAD!!!!! D: I HATE when I'm not given any feedback!
But yeah, this time it's just 2 longer essays about our future plans and how I want/need to improve myself.. Why couldn't the course be in English? I've learned to write bullshit in English but not in Finnish!! D:

What I'd rather be doing..

What I'm actually doing (post-its all include one deadline and I can take it off when it's finished! :)

Need to make 5-10 liters of tea and start working on the stupid essays - long day tomorrow, cooking on Wednesday, Helsinki trip to watch a play on Thursday, school and first deadlines on Friday and Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is airing on Saturday!! :3 Meeting up with Elaine to eat and watch it :) Then back to school work on Sunday D:

And as my parents are going to Hungary next week (Nov. 26th-30th) I don't have camera with me so I'll be working like a mad man on my deadlines (might be skipping school.. hush!! Don't tell anyone!) and taking care of the cat, who found a mouse last night.. Love waking up hearing my mum screaming "Kill it!! Kill it!! I hate you so much for not catching it!!" without her or me knowing whether she's screaming at our cat or my dad :) Winter is definitely coming now :)

But back to school work ;;__;;



  1. Voi ei, mua väsyttää pelkkä lukeminen sun kiireistä! Tsemppiä!

    1. Kiitos! Ahdista ja väsyttää itseäkin, mutta pakko yrittää saada kaikki tehtyä mahdollisimman pian! Onneksi sain sentään yhtä isoa projekti esitelmää siirrettyä viikolla niin helpottaa HIEMAN kunhan saa tämän viikon tehtävät tehtyä :)

  2. Sinua odottaa haaste blogissani :)