Saturday, November 30, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #48


Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Letter from Kitty/Germany

Postcards and teas from Estrella/Germany

Letter from Maria

Pics Tuesday-Friday are taken with my phone as my parents left to Hungary and took my camera with them.. I should buy them a camera for Christmas..

Letter from Germany

"Christmas" package from Aliaa/Egypt (one of my favourite authors ;) Her book is amazing :3)
Book from my wishlist, letter and a Doctor Who (TARDIS) bracelet she made!!! :3

Postcrossing card from Russia (she had visited Helsinki a while ago and bought the card from Finland ;))

=Wishlist tag= from China

Postcard from my Chinese postacard pal

Postcard from my Chinese postacard pal

Postcrossing card from China
Double card

Postcrossing card from Russia
Another Polina Yakovleva card :)

Postcrossing card from USA

Postcrossing card from Belarus
Natalia Chetkova's card :)

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Germany
Apparently Zeche Zollverein is a UNESCO WHS but she didn't have a postcard of the actual place

700th received Postcrossing card! :)
from Finland


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Anyone else planning on hoarding stamps?

Or stopping postcrossing and probably writing letters to only a couple of people at a time?
Itella, the Finnish post office just published news that the postage is going to rise by 15 cents on January 1st 2014. From 85 cents to 1€ ($1,36) per stamp.

And the reason?

"Most people use approximately 30€ for stamps and postage a year so the rise will only be 2-3€"

Yeah.. NOT for penpallers or postcrossers...

and on TOP OF THIS they are going on a strike?
Fuck you. Fuck you Itella.

I was planning on NOT to hoard stamps next month but if I can save 15 cents a stamp I apparently really need to do that.. And I'm definitely quitting postcrossing and if the postage prices are going to get even more pricey I really need to drop penpals..



I was ready to throw a tantrum yesterday. Worst day in a while and on top of it I got no mail (luckily a couple of my Postcrossing cards reached their destinations - Philippines and Malaysia - and I got really nice thank you messages)! And I have a slight fever right now, I blame the lack of sleep and constant stress (and lack of food - how am I supposed to concentrate on school work and cook at the same time?). How the heck did I survive without starving in the student apartments?

The only things that do keep me working with the assignments, instead of doing the table flip with my laptop on top of it, is the fact that I get to open and watch the 6th season of the Big Bang Theory (and write letters) the moment I'm done with the assignments!

DVD from my brother and socks from Emma
I even burnt my fingers while I was making noodles. Failure at life?
And I just can't help but stare at the letter pile with a deep longing to write something else than assignments about this and that D: Even now, I've been staring an empty word document for a while like an illiterate monkey - I have no idea what the heck I'm doing or what I'm supposed to be doing. 2-3 pages (of academic writing) should be written and sent by 4pm.....

I'll cook for someone as long as they make my assignments ;;__;;
Please? I want to get back to life instead of looking at the screen of my laptop for nearly/over 12 hours a day D:


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Home Alone

Took mum and dad to the Tampere airport last night and drove back home with my brother (well he drove and told me half way home that it was his first time driving at night after his driving school which he completed in January. Scared much?). Somehow we ended up getting home (I dropped him to Porvoo and then continued 1h home blasting the radio and singing along just so that I wouldn't fall asleep) and I fell asleep around 1am. And I woke up 6.30am thanks to my lovely kitty bringing me breakfast to bed. He ran around and I got up to let him out. After I got the lights on I was staring at a dead mouse on my carpet. AND MY CAT WAS PLANNING TO EAT IT THERE. So yeah, I was running around and managed to throw the mouse outside and left my cat there as well. Couldn't fall asleep after that as it was the 2nd time in a month that we have a mouse inside so I'm sure we have loads of mouse babies somewhere in here......... And later on my closet decided to self-destruct.
You know how some people just can't get through Monday without something bad or crappy happening to them? Well Wednesday seems to be my Monday. I just can't wait to see what else is going to happen before the day is over (I was sure I'd lock myself out).....

Luckily dad left me 40€ and I managed to use 20€ for food and something else (loads of persimmons and postcards :D)

Postcards from Sokos

Stickers from Sokos (can't rotate the pic even if my life depended on that)

Christmas cards from Tiimari

More Christmas cards from Tiimari :)
Now I got to TRY and make some food and write 3 assignments that are due today/tomorrow..


Monday, November 25, 2013

Possible Postal Strike in Finland December 9th-13th

Crappy morning all in all and now this?

"Posti- ja logistiikka-alan unioni PAU ilmoitti viime perjantaina, että se aloittaa koko maan käsittävän lakon Itellassa 9.-13.12. Työnantajan mukaan toteutuessaan lakko panisi joulupostin sekaisin.

- Se on vuoden vilkkain viikko, Anttila sanoi.

And I thought I could probably get back to writing during that exact week.. I'm probably sending the letters and postcards after Christmas if this Itella crap continues :(


Outgoing Mail Week #47


Christmas card to Czech Republic

Kitten card to a German cat :)


to Bree

to Bree


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #47

Of course the moment I'm burning myself out under the huge pile of school work I get a bunch of postcards, a couple of letters and I'd love to write letters all day long.. I'm definitely skipping a class or two next week so that I don't have to spend 2-3 hours by driving back and forth and go to class for 1-1,5h.. I'd rather work on the school assignments all day long at home..

HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY DOCTOR WHO :3 Anyone else watching the special tonight? I'll be joining Elaine in Porvoo and we'll be fangirling together as I prefer David Tennant and she prefers Matt Smith (just like most of my friends :D).


Postcrossing card from Ukraine

Postcrossing card from United Kingdom
Bangor, Northern Wales

Kiroileva Siili postcrossing card from Finland

Postcrossing card from Switzerland

from Japanese postcard pal 1/2

from Japanese postcard pal 2/2
Lovely package from Emma

New woolen socks from her! :3

Postcrossing card from Singapore

Postcrossing card from USA

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Germany
How can people not notice and read from my profile that I LOATHE city views?!?! D:

Postcrossing card from France
The flag of Brittany

Postcrossing card from Finland

Christmas card from USA

Letter from Germany

Card from my old flatmate who's currently doing her internship in Berlin :)

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from Netherlands
Funny how both have bubbles in them ;)

Postcrossing card from UK
Another Doctor Who card and JUST before the anniversary :3

long letter (three A4 pages), stamps and tea :)

Cat stickers from Chuck :3

Monday, November 18, 2013

23 Deadlines between November 22nd and December 16th

..I don't think I'll be writing or sending that many letters or postcards during that ~month.
I wrote down  most of my deadlines (finished 3 yesterday so it was 26 when I started) and started panicking and nearly crying on Saturday, you know the "I give up, I'm never going to graduate, I'll just end up as a hobo on the corner of the street" - kind of cry.. Not helping was the fact that it was late evening and I had woke up early so I was dead tired..

At least my cat is trying to keep me company..
Sleeping in the bag where I currently have my plushies
At the moment I'm once again battling with my Finnish online course. HOW can an online course be held in Finnish when the teacher is Spanish (or so I've heard)? Why not make one of the many Finnish teachers held it? I might have gotten a 5 (our best grade, 0 is the worst)  then but no, out of the four assignments I finished 2 weeks ago I got twice 3 and twice 4. AND THE TEACHER DIDN'T GIVE ANY FEEDBACK ON HOW I SHOULD HAVE DONE THOSE INSTEAD!!!!! D: I HATE when I'm not given any feedback!
But yeah, this time it's just 2 longer essays about our future plans and how I want/need to improve myself.. Why couldn't the course be in English? I've learned to write bullshit in English but not in Finnish!! D:

What I'd rather be doing..

What I'm actually doing (post-its all include one deadline and I can take it off when it's finished! :)

Need to make 5-10 liters of tea and start working on the stupid essays - long day tomorrow, cooking on Wednesday, Helsinki trip to watch a play on Thursday, school and first deadlines on Friday and Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is airing on Saturday!! :3 Meeting up with Elaine to eat and watch it :) Then back to school work on Sunday D:

And as my parents are going to Hungary next week (Nov. 26th-30th) I don't have camera with me so I'll be working like a mad man on my deadlines (might be skipping school.. hush!! Don't tell anyone!) and taking care of the cat, who found a mouse last night.. Love waking up hearing my mum screaming "Kill it!! Kill it!! I hate you so much for not catching it!!" without her or me knowing whether she's screaming at our cat or my dad :) Winter is definitely coming now :)

But back to school work ;;__;;