Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You wanted to hear about me, here you go :)

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Sorry for the long(er than normal) post.. :(

And as I'm not crafty at ALL there will be NO craft posts. Seriously! I can barely make my own envelopes after going through many "how-to" videos for dummies so no crafts related things will be coming up, not even Christmas cards.. Unfortunately I buy all the Christmas cards that I send.. The last time I drew/crafted my own Christmas cards was back in  December 2009 when I was baby sitting some kids that wanted to make Christmas cards.. And as I'm nearly broke (thank the upcoming Christmas and the need to save up for everything) there will probably be next to none shopping posts before 2014.. :( But just like up to now, I've posted up everything I've bought but as I did make that ~$150 snail mail goodies order to Janetstore back in May 2012 you can probably imagine how much of that stuff I have left.... I actually have one box full of unopened or barely opened letter sets and pads.. And I still want more.. Yes, I'm a hoarder when it comes to snail mail supplies :3
And all of my mail is already posted in my blog (in incoming/outgoing posts) so no more of those are coming but I think I could start going through my ways of organizing my stuff, what everything looks like when I'm writing.. My room is currently a MESS as I'm still waiting for the 2 bookshelves I was going to get as an early Christmas present.. Those were supposed to be in my room during the weekend.. No one has gone to IKEA yet!!! D: All my books are all around the floor and the same goes for the letter supplies...

Birdwatching again :)
I promise that I'll try to avoid writing too much about my everyday life, no one likes to hear how boring my life is when I sit most of the time in front of my laptop stressing over school stuff.. Even today I was panicking and stressing how I couldn't find my classrooms and all the classrooms had been changed, I had a presentation after which I escaped from the course and ran (40mins late) to another course and sat down while the teacher just said hi and all the other students just glared at me. And I came to the conclusion that either the German exchange students hate me or they have nearly no classes! When they heard that there would be 2 presentations, 1 long essay/a visit to an English play and exam a group of 3 exchange students went to the teacher and said that they'd leave the course, one of those three girls also dropped blogging course and another German quit the World Heritage course. Why? But yeah, "Culture and History of Great Britain and Ireland" started just perfectly, I was smiling most of the class as it reminded of my time in Joutsenon Opisto, studying English Philology in 2010-2011 (the language, history, phonetics.. I can still remember most of it :)) and for the next time I have a presentation about the Victorian era! Yay! :3 It was hard to choose between the Celts (wrote an essay about them in JO) and Victorian era but as I'm into Victorian era right now I chose it'd be easier and more interesting :)'

D and me back in February when we both still lived in Porvoo :) Best flatmate ever :3
I'm older (July 23rd 1991) and she's younger (June 7th 1992)! I always thought she was born in 1990 as she was upperclassman :3
No fashion updates will be coming as I'm the most unfashionable person there is :D I choose my clothes based on how comfortable I feel in them and if I could I'd go everywhere with my hair tied, loose band t-shirt (most likely Simple Plan), woolen socks and pajama pants on.. :D The photoshoot/friendship/cosplay/convention pictures might give a wrong impression about me as in everyday life I barely put on make up, do anything about my hair or care about how I look.. I'm too lazy for that :) But when I have to, I can be as trendy/fashionable as needed (thanks to the fact that my BFF is into clothing and studies something clothes/fashion related, I know the upcoming trends and trend colours early but couldn't care less if the clothes are uncomfortable :)). I only care about one brand and it's Hong Kongese 59 Seconds (the only Asian based clothing brand I don't feel like a fat giant while wearing the clothes :DD), I have their Heart Print Cardigan on in the friendship picture with D :)

But to something mail related~
I actually received a postcrossing envelope from one of my followers, Satu, yesterday :) It was AMAZING envelope full of tea, two amazing bubble gums and amazing postcards. LOVED it and it saved my day! Though after the stress and panic I went through today the envelope would have made my day even better! :)

Lovely surprise from Satu :) My first Postcrossing stamp and 7 new teas! :) AND FAIRY CARDS!!!! :DDDD
 And I dropped nearly 2kg of mail to the Porvoo main post office today when I visited it with my mum and of course I had to buy a sheet of stamps ;) Christmas stamps are coming next Monday!!! ^^

AUTUMN \(^__^)/
I also met my Dutch blogging buddy Elaine again after nearly 2 weeks and as her friend and parents were over for the last 2 weeks she managed to make them bring something Dutch for herself and her friends in here. For me she got 2 PICKWICK TEA BOXES!!!!!! x3 And some Dutch gingerbread drops (Kruidnootjes) and some waffles that you can eat with tea (there's honey inside each waffle and it heats up and turns runny while you dip the waffle to your tea)! :D I would have been able to buy a bag of those from Porvoo autumn fair for 4€ a bag but Elaine told me no, she can get those cheaper from Nertherlands and she did (by making her parents buy and bring those to Finland)!!! :3

the waffles and Kruidnootjes :)

Pickwick tea :3 I LOVE the green teas but I haven't tried the Rooibos ones, especially Rooibos - mango peach sounds interesting :D
These surprises saved my day :) Especially since I didn't get any mail (not expecting any as everyone to whom I didn't send mail to today are waiting for my reply.. CRAP!) and I'm TIRED :( Tomorrow I'll be writing long essays, try to write something to my school blogs and wash the windows :/ Next class on Friday and once again, PRESENTATION! D:



  1. Olipa kiva postaus ^-^! Vaikka mulla menee ihan hirmu kauan lukee kun on englanniks hehe :D Toi vasemmanpuoleinen keijukaiskortti Satulta on muuten tosi nätti!

    1. Kiva että pidit :3
      Että jos osaisin kirjottaa sujuvasti suomeksi blogia niin varmaan alkaisin laittamaan suomi&englanti tekstit yhteen.. Mutta kun opinnot ja kaikki menee englanniksi niin suomenkieli ei tuu enää niin automaattisesti kuin englanti :) Mutta aina sitä voisi yrittää.. Toisaalta ainakin enkku paranee kun sitä joutuu lukemaan (vaikka tekstissä on varmaan taas hirveästi ajatus virheitä kun on ollut pitkä päivä) ;DD
      On<3 Olin ihan hämmentynyt että keneltä nyt saan tollasen kuoren kun kaikki suomalaiset kirjekaverit odottaa mun vastausta eikä osoitekaan ollut NIIN tuttu vaikka nimi sanoikin jotain :D Ensimmäinen reaktio oli suoraan sanottuna: "KUKA ON ANTANU MUN OSOITTEEN ETEENPÄIN ILMAN MUN LUPAA?!?!?!?!?!?" (Ä:t oli paikoillaan vaikken postcrossingin osoitteissa käytä ääkkösiä :)). Mutta oli AIVAN ihana paketti<3 Teetä, purkkaa ja ihania kortteja :D Teetä ei ole vielä juotu kun pitää hieman säästää kun tuli vaan yksi pussi kutakin ;D Ensimmäistä kertaa tulee tollanen yllätys PC:n kautta :) Ootko ite saanu mitää vastaavaa?? :)

    2. En oo postcrossingin kautta saanu mitään NOIN isoa, kerran sain kuoressa kortin mukana jonkun sivun paikallisesta lehdestä sekä pienen sen (mikä nyt olikaan) maan lipun :D
      Ja mua ei ainakaan haittaa vaik ei oo suomeks tekstejä :D Ihan totta toi että on periaatteessa "pakko" harjotella enkkua kun lukee/kirjottaa blogia englanniks! Ja englanniks opiskelu on varmasti tosi hyödyllistä, varsinkin sun alalla :)

    3. Mullakin on joskus tullu tollasia yllätyksiä ja ite oon laittanu tarroja tai teetä kortin mukana tai saanut/lähettänyt käytettyjä postimerkkejä kun vastaanottaja/lähettäjä on kanssa merkkien keräiliä :) Harmi vaan että itsellä on SEN verran työtä että saisi taas merkit ajantasalle :P
      On, valitettavasti :D Jos ei haluu lopulta päätyy Kanarialle tai Fuengirolaan suomalaisten oppaaksi/lasten vahdiksi niin englanti on melko pakollista.. :)

  2. heips! tässä olisi se linkki siihen postcrossing leimaan :)


    en tiiä onko tota käytetty vaan sillon ekana päivänä :)