Friday, October 25, 2013

INTENSIVE week indeed :)

As I wrote earlier I did all the school work I listed to the blog on Tuesday. Spent 12 hours on laptop that day (95% of the time working on those) and on Wednesday I was more or less resting (mum was puking so I was helping her around the house.. I also baked a cake!!!

Didn't end up like I had hoped but it was edible :D

My desk is never clean :D
On Thursday I started writing like crazy and I hoped it would have continued today BUT.. I went to check my schedule for the rest of the year and it's crazy.
Online course, on Tuesday 3 courses in the exactly same time-slot (already had to drop First Aid due to the 100% attendance requirement) and then classes on Thursday and Friday mornings. First of all the online course is CRAZY. 2-4 essays per week and it's about career plans and how to apply for jobs (for dummies :D), the two courses I have on top of each other - I've sent emails and waited for TOO long for the replies - first to the teacher of the new course "Culture and History of Great Britain and Ireland" and then to my blogging teacher. LUCKILY the teacher of the UK and Ireland one is the same who held the World Heritage course (and she liked me and knows I give my all for my essays and reports) and she said that even though the course has 80% required attendance we can make it so that I get some extra work in order to pass the course in the end and attend it every time I don't have blogging :3 Thank god for teachers like her!

Now I'm hoping I can have my blogging presentation at 2pm and then run to the first contact lesson of the other course (a little late but late is better than never, right?).. I'm SO going to be buried under my school work.. Hopefully I'll have enough time Sat-Mon to write letters so I won't be THAT late on replies.. And then there's still internship and thesis.. I hate my life right now D:

Luckily I met my brother yesterday and he gave me his PSP and 5 games (of which I've bought 3).. Something to do when I'm too stressed out to write or read (like today).. I just hope to learn how to use that thing.... :DD

Other than that my cat has kept me company and cheered me up :3

Bird watching :3

My little baby kept me company on Tuesday :3
I need to get back to letter writing and panicking how well my teacher is going to take it that I just have my presentation and then leave the class.. :S



  1. Ei kai tässä voi muuta sanoa, kuin VOIMIA opiskeluun! c:
    En tiedä oonko sanonut ennen, mutta toi sun kissa on sitte ihana<3 Mun kissa ei oo ollu taas hetkeen sisällä, kiitos kirppujen.. Toivottavasti kirppupanta auttais :3

    1. Kiitos :) Kauheesti yritän vielä saada kirjeitä kirjotettua ennen kuin alkaa taas maanantaina koulu ja hirveä opiskelu :S
      Kiitos<3 :3 Meillä ei kisulla oo kirppuja ainakaan vielä ollut ja se makoilee aivan onnessaan alakerran olohuoneessa selällään :) Toivottavasti kirppupanta auttaa teillä<3

    2. Eipä mitään :) Voi ei. Arki jatkuu siis sullaki. Ooks muuten jo parantunut?
      No se osaa ainaki ottaa rennosti ja sisällä olosta kaiken irti! Ja kiitos!<3 Toivon todellaki, että se auttaa. Ihan hirveetä, ku ei voi edes syliin ottaa ilman, että niit kirppuja tulee sisälle mukana ja ne puree.. :< Onneks sillä ei tuu kylmä pihalla, ku on lämpimiä ulkorakennuksia vaikka kuinka. Muuten en tietäis mitä tehdä sen vanhuksen kans.

    3. Oon parantunut :) Ainoo mikä saattaa vielä tapahtuu on ranteen rasitusvamma kun kirjotan kaiken aikaa jotain :D Kauhee kiire saada mahdollisimman monta kirjettä ulos ennen kuin merkit loppuu tai helvetinmoinen opiskelu alkaa taas :D
      Toivottavasti kisu pääsee sisälle viimeistään lumien tultua<3

  2. Cute cat! At least to me your desk looks quite decent, mine's about 10 X worst!

    1. It was rather clean when I took the picture..
      Now I have the lamp, laptop and everything under stickers, letter sets, letter pads, envelopes and stamps :D Been writing letters and whenever that happens no one could tell it's a desk :DD