Saturday, October 12, 2013

Incoming Mail Weeks #40 and #41

Monday September 30th

Moomin - Wishlist tag from Russia

Postcrossing card from Belarus
Tuesday October 1st

from German penpal visiting London. The card is HUGE!!! Bigger than A5 paper!

Postcrossing card from Russia

Instagram swap from Hong Kong

LOVE the stamps! :3

Instagram swap from Hong Kong - shaped card :3

from a Japanese postcard pal

from a Japanese postcard pal

I LOVE Japanese stamps :3
letter and 2 postcards from a Portuguese online friend :3
Wednesday October 2nd

Instagram swap from Hong Kong

Instagram swap from Hong Kong

postcrossing card from Netherlands
Thursday October 4th

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from UK
from Germany (pal visited Mallorca)

Friday October 4th

Postcrossing card from Russia

Kawaii/Cute RR Moomin-Jetoy from Russia (re-send)

Moomin-Wishlist tag from Russia

Kotovasiya - Wishlist tag from Russia
from Germany

Monday October 7th

Postcrossing card from Germany

Private swap from Japan
Private swap from Japan
Package from Emma

Woolen socks she made for me :3 LOVE 'EM! x3

Long letter and adorable postcards :3

Tuesday October 8th

Postcrossing card from France - 2nd time I receive this card via postcrossing

postcrossing card from Germany

Postcards and My Neighbour Totoro stickers from my Japanese penpal :)

Postcards, memo papers and green tea from my Russian postcard pal :)
Wednesday October 9th

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from UK

And David Tennant/Doctor Who stamp ;;__;; I've been a HUGE Tennant & Doctor Who fan since 2006-2007 and I nearly started crying since I've wanted to get this for MONTHS!
Postcard from my French penpal
Thursday October 10th

Postcrossing card from Belgium.
Nice shaped card but no text :( BOO!

Natalia Chetkova's card from Belarus via postcrossing :3

From a new Singaporean postcard pal
Friday October 11th

Letter from Germany

postcard from a German pal

Postcrossing card from Germany

Moomin card :3 from Finland via postcrossing


  1. Replies
    1. On<3 Tuli kertaheitolla lempi villasukiks :D

  2. ihanan paljon kaikkee kivaa on posti tuonu sulle :) toi väiski vemmelsääri on kyl paras! :)

    1. Ite rakastuin ihan kokonaan noihin uusiin Kotovasiya ja Jetoy kortteihin :3 Väiski oli kiva muttei ihan omaksi lemppariksi noussut :)

  3. Kortit on IHANIAA :3 !! Ja miten PALJON niitä on <3 !

    1. Melko aktiivinen postcrossingissa, instagrammin vaihdoissa ja postcrossingin foorumilla ni kortteja tulee päivittäin<3 :D