Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love Me - Fair

As me and my blogging class were provided free tickets (worth 16€) and were told that attendance to the I Love Me beauty/health/fashion/jewellery fair would be compulsory, me and H decided to go on Friday to avoid the crowds. I skipped my English classes so that we could leave earlier and we were in Helsinki around noon. I dragged H with me to buy something to eat (and bubble tea to drink) before we took a tram to Messukeskus. To our luck it wasn't nearly as crowded as those tend to be during weekends (been working in 2 different fairs and visited MANY).

As me and H don't really care about the make-ups or new healthcare products (and I have a skin allergy that reacts to any scented products I use so no thanks..) we just walked around, visited stands here and there. After strolling around for a while I saw one stand that my BFF told me to visit because one of the few fashion/lifestyle bloggers I follow was working there. I stopped for a while, exchanged a couple of words with the blogger and continued strolling around (I'm shy and I act like a frigging fangirl whenever I see a blogger I follow). We stopped to pick up every food sample they had (at least I did), tried some mushroom drinks (don't even ask :D) and went crazy when we saw that Nordqvist had a stand there - every loose tea for 2€ and tea bags 1,5€ a package. AND THEY WERE SELLING A PACKAGE I HADN'T SEEN EVER BEFORE!!! Ended up buying 3 of those new ones and one set of 20 different tea bags (the only stand I REALLY loved).

What I brought home

The eight teas that are in the new set - yes I know you can get these as loose tea but I hadn't seen these in bags before now :)
OMG - black tea with toffee flavour
Heart - black tea with choolate flavour
Daa - green tea with raspberry flavour
M8 - black tea with ice cream flavour
REPS - black tea with liquorice flavour
IHQ - black tea with marshmallow flavour
LOL - green tea with orange flavour
HOLA - black tea with chili flavour

and these were for free :3 Wish I had taken more than one of those Moomin ones :3
And as we had to take photos for a blog post for the school blog (yes, I run two blogs and write to a third one at the moment..) H had to be my hand model now and then :3 Here are some pictures from the fair, not nearly all as some were really crappy and some I need to upload to flickr and use in my another post X__x
If you're not really interested in fashion, health, jewellery or beauty (or don't speak Finnish - I worked as an interpreter most of the time) I can't really recommend the fair.. Sure the free stuff is nice but not nearly worth the 16€ entrance fee.. Free ticket was the only reason I went there and I'm quite satisfied with everything I got. I met some of the fair bloggers and they seemed all really nice and talkative :) Too bad I'm not really talkative after a long tiring day when I'm just praying for everything to be over soon so that I could get to bed ;)

There were loads of amazing make up stands, loads of bags and other fashion but me and H just strolled around the food court ;)

strawberry-rhubarb and apple-pear yoghurts

The mushroom drink stand :)

Nordqvist with Moomins :3

All my favourite Nordqvist teas together :3

Heaven :3

Soy yoghurt stand :3

Gave off free almond milk :3

Some weird energy bar I've been too scared to try :D
Jugle juice bar - the line to this stand was LONG and took ages!!

Still paid nearly 5€ for "Maca My Day" drink :D
mango, ginger, maca (some superfood), banana, yoghurt, honey, orange juice and ice

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