Thursday, October 10, 2013

House warming + Birthday present

One of my dear penpals told me she was finally moving out and found an amazing apartment near her school. The best part of it was that it was just before her birthday (October 9th). As I was told about this in July-August I started putting stuff together early and to my luck she received the package on her birthday (sent it to her mother's address but she drove 30min. there and 30min. back just to get the present :)).

And to my luck she loved everything:
(pic stolen from her FB page)

Sentimental Circus mug and bag, 3 letter sets (Sentimental Circus, Fanny and Alice), tea, stickers, 2 tapes and sweets :D
It was costly to put together and to send it but as her presents to me have been HUGE I just HAD to spend some money on her.. Not going to do anything like that again (in a while at least)..



  1. Oh my, that's a hell of a gift! :D
    I bet she was over the moon!

    1. Based on the FB message she sent I'd say she loved the package ;)