Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A week long hiatus~

I'll be taking a week long hiatus from this blog as my camera is going for an adventure with my mum :) And I'll try to catch up with school assignments and letters during that time..

I can tackle anything with these!!
Mum won a trip to France with her friend from their work place - they sold the most of this rather expensive French wine (10€ a glass, 60€ a bottle and they both sold nearly 300 glasses..) so they won a 2 day trip to a Harvest Festival somewhere in France and took 2 extra days to spend time in Paris.
I've already told my mum to bring me postcards, send me one and if she finds any tea that's not available in Finland I MUST get some (others wish their souvenirs to be bags and fashionable stuff from Paris, I want tea and postcards...)

So my mum is leaving tomorrow and me and daddy are going to drive her to the airport (I'm making dad to go to the only Starbucks of Finland, located in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, with me!) and as she asked nicely I'm letting her take my pink camera with her :)

No blog posts in here until next week but I have one or two posts coming up in Letters, Postcards and a Cup of Tea~


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  1. I so love that filled liquorice :) that lakritsi with the Moomins or Angry Birds (or maybe also other things?) on it :) A friend sent me some of them recently...and I just wish they'd sell that here in Germany as well..