Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

Yesterday I had a day trip with mum to Verla which is one of the seven Unesco world heritage sites in Finland :) We both had a day off so we decided to go there (a visit to one of the Unesco sites is a part of my world heritage course) and after that we went to Kouvola to do some shopping before driving back home.

In Verla we had a private tour through the museum as we were the only ones there at 10am when the place opened (10am-4pm Mon-Fri until the end of September, opens again in May). We saw the Mill and I was sold. The area is amazing, we had a great sunny day for our visit even though when we left from home it was FOGGY. I mean you couldn't see almost anything. After the tour around the mill I was even allowed to "interview" the head of the museum for my report and presentation :3 I was so happy to hear more about the whole area, the tourism in there and how becoming a Unesco WHS in 1996 has affected the area's tourism :3

But to the pictures~

It was REALLY foggy at 9am!!

Silent Hill~ (or Hinamizawa if you're a Shin Megami Tensei Persona player ;P)
I was just waiting for a zombie to jump in front of the car :DD

But it was sunny when we arrived at Verla

The whole mill area is AMAZING!

Postcards from Verla and some address labels from Tiger..
Plus Chocolate tea I didn't include in the picture~
Now to write the report, power point presentation and one summary :P
Oh! And apparently the blogging teacher loved my assignment and I was picked for the course!! YAY~!



  1. Wau miten kauniin näkönen paikka :) täytyy myöntää etten tuollaisesta ollut kuullutkaan, mutta tuolla täytyy kyllä joskus käydä :)

    1. AIVAN ihana paikka!! Ja paikan kiertäminen on ilmasta (muutama pikkukauppa auki touko-elokuussa) ja sitte sisäänpääsy museokierrokselle on 8€ aikusilta ja 6€ opiskelijoilta :)
      Kannattaa käydä jos on oma auto tai saa kyydin<3

  2. Ihanan näkönen paikka! Mä rakastan kaikkia tollasia vanhoja miljöitä, joissa voi tutkiskella jänniä pimeitä nurkkia ja tavallaan kuvitella näkevänsä kaiken ympärillänsä niinkun se oli joskus historiassa... :D

    1. Se on AIVAN ihana<3 Varsinki ku museossa on kaikki tehtaan masiinat paikoillaan ja samassa kunnosssa mihin ne jäi -64 ku tehdas suljettiin! :)