Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tracon 8 and stuff I brought with me even before the convention started.

It has been a bit quiet in here (or at least I feel that way - not that many updates to this or my other blog) due to various deadlines (thank GOD the World Heritage course will be done after the big presentation next week about Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.) I haven't really been writing anything except postcards for postcrossing (because the postcrossing stamps came and I'm afraid those will run out soon.....) but I do have plans to write during the weekend when I'm NOT doing the PowerPoint presentation or writing post blogs for the school+wordpress blogs.

Tracon 8 and WCS "brochures" I took from Tracon :3
Friday the 13th~

I had more or less packed all my stuff the day before (day off~ Writing report and ranting to FB that I won't be coming to Tracon due to the stress) and woke up too early to drive to Porvoo with daddy. We arrived to his office at 7am just for me to realize that I had forgotten to take my laptop charger with me. I had 1 hour left of battery and more than 3 pages left to write my report about Verla Groundwood and Board Mill - deadline Sunday but I HAD to finish it on Friday. I called/texted almost everyone through just to hear that they have fancier laptops than I do. The last resort was to depend on a guy in my class and thank GOD he's always at school even if he doesn't have classes. He came at 8am and I was able to use his charger until 10am when I was finished the report (in the end I got 4/5) and went to class.
After class I went to buy a ribbon for my Miku costume (the original ribbon had disappeared so we thought that we should buy 2cm wide ribbon and use hot glue to put it on me :3 Frigging great idea~ Everyone should try that once.). Well I bought wrong kind of ribbon but who cares. No one noticed it :)
Took a bus to Kouvola where I spent about 30 minutes waiting for Joonas to pick me up. Listened to two Finnish girls who were trying to communicate with a Japanese girl their age, all 3 were probably barely in high school. I was shaking my head to the fact that the Finns left the Japanese girl out of their chat most of the time and laughed at her confused expression.. I know what it is like to sit around people who speak in a language you don't understand. Try to sit around Vietnamese students and just look at them talking and laughing.. It's uncomfortable! :(
When Joonas came we stuffed my bag inside the car and drove to pick up Siiri. She took over the whole back seat as she had these huge costumes (once again) and took part in NCC (Nordic Cosplay Championship) preliminaries of Finland so her props took a lot of space as well~
We stopped twice during the trip and the moment I saw Kirjatori/Kirjakassi and Tarjoustalo in Tuulos I ran to the stores and....

Letter papers and some adorable postcards from Tarjoustalo :3

Cheap postcards from Kirja______

and more :3 I think all of those were like 1€/card :DD
I arrived to Missu's place around 7pm and spent the most of the evening catching up with them and playing with the MOST ADORABLE KITTEN EVER!!! x3 I'm SO gonna end up as a crazy old cat lady :DD


Vocaloid Magnet photoshoot pics © Hanskuinen
Photos of me derping © Kifia Photography

We woke up early and started dressing up - pictures can be found from Kim's IG account - here and here. We left to the area a bit before 11am and were there like 11.40am. Went around, met some people, realized that my back is acting up, had a photoshoot (here you go~ Photos that Kim won't be publishing :D Thanks hanskuinen for taking the photos),

Hatsune Miku + Megurine Luka magnet

Unlike some would think we did get some good photos as well ;)

Grumpy Luka!!
Fun fact: I can't look Kim in the eye while shooting or I'll start laughing like crazy :D
changed clothes (another IG photo) Kim took photos of YumiKoyuki (Blog | Facebook) while I sat further away and took care of Kim's bag, jacket and went to buy her something to eat.. And now and then I even assisted with the shoot....

See how helpful I can be?
Staring at people's asses..
I missed the Cosplay competition (WCS preliminaries and everything.. damn you back pain D:) but instead I hung out around the area, met loads of people and then went back to Missu's place with Kim around 8pm.. I slept quite well (considering I had terrible back pain) thanks to the aspirin Serenity gave me.


Didn't sleep that well (long, thanks to cats and dogs being around) but I did get aspirin (and tea) right from the start so I wasn't as zombie as I thought I would be.. But you can judge that..

Hanskuinen and me.
I'm the zombie on the right~

We left to the area a little after 10am and again, Kim had to take an IG photo of it~ You're welcome~
Met people, talked with them, didn't buy or eat anything and helped Kim with another photoshoot she had with Majo (Blog | Facebook) and YumiKoyuki. First I was sitting a bit further away but then Kim started coming up with these ideas that the assistant (me) had to first try that is safe before she tried that. (thanks.)

I'm standing on 2 small rocks (keeping the branches away from the real photos) on top of water with muddy bottom :) Doesn't look as "dangerous" as it was..
Kim also tried to endanger someone else during the photoshoot :DD
The photoshoot lasted up until Kim had to leave and my driver and fellow passenger were in the cosplay competition (NCC, Show competition etc.) so I wasn't able to leave. SO I ended up helping Yumi by carrying some of her stuff for her and helping with the cape. I even saw most of the cosplay competition thanks to the fact that I was able to stand in the back :)

....Can I just say how amazed I was to be able to spend some time with cosplayers I really look up to? Both Majo and Yumi are AMAZING and I swear I was close to tears when I accidentally stepped on Yumi's cape once!! I've looked up to both of them for a couple of years and never imagined that I'd help with their photoshoot and get to chat for a while. I'm shy and tend to run behind some corner or a taller friend when a, more or less, known cosplayer comes around :) Thank you for not leaving me all alone to the convention area when Kim left♥♥♥♥♥

I left home with Joonas and Siiri (she's one of the two cosplayers going to NCC, congrats for the millionth time♥) and the drive went well.. Loads of chat about exes, cosplay and the event :)
Got home around 10pm and I'm STILL tired.. One day to try and heal myself from convention fever (I tend to get sick after every convention.. You should hear my sexy deep voice right now!) before I started working on yet ANOTHER deadline..
But I should probably check the report before I hand the final version to the teacher..

Ciao~ Have a great week and DON'T go out without proper trousers or thick stockings. It's cold out there.



  1. Stop, my beating heart. You're just too kind, I can't handle the sweet words you said of Maiju and me. And really, you didn't need to worry about the cape thingy! Nothing bad happened; the fabric is quite stretchy, it was attached with velcro tape and it was meant to become dirty during the day, so you really couldn't have done anything dramatic to it. :> It's nice to know you're just shy, I was a bit worried if you were bored and that's why I always checked if you were still with us. Sorry if it was disturbing. :D Plus I really appreciate all the help I/we got with the photoshoot!

    1. But you two are amazing! I'm so thankful you didn't leave me be when Kim left<3
      I'm so happy nothing happened but stepping on your cape did cause me a slight heart attack as I'm always afraid to even touch others' costumes in fear of breaking something!
      It didn't disturb me at all! I'm just so shy and I tend to freeze now and then without being able to get anything out of my mouth.. And I don't think I would have gotten anywhere far with your phone with me :)
      Happy I was useful during the shoots<3

  2. Oli ihana nähdä sua!<3 Tosin harmittaa, ku en saanut kaveri kuvaa meistä ja muutenki jäi aika lyhkäseks se hetki ku nähtiin. :< Olisin kyll mielelläni nähnyt sua vähä enemmänki siel! En edes käsitä miten oon voinut missata sun cossin sillo lauantaina, vaikka kiertelin kaikkialla. Mulle iski ainaki ihan hirvee hinku cossata ja pian! Toivottavasti nähdään coneis viel usein! Ilmotellaan koska mennää seuraavaan, joskos ehdittäis näkeen kauemmin!
    Ihania noi kuvat muuten<3 Ja toi ruskee tukka sopii sulle, ihanan näkönen! Ja toivottavasti äänes palaa pian takas (:

    1. Ei pyöritty cosseissa paikan päällä kuin vaan 2 tuntia - ulkona, shootti ja sisälle vaihtamaan vaatteet :)
      Toivottavasti pääset pian cossaamaan! :) Itellä taitaa 2014 jäädä cossittomaksi ja conittomaksi ellen lähde heti alku vuodesta työharjotteluun (jolloin pääsisin Traconiin) tai sitten hieman myöhemmin (jolloin voisi ehtiä Frostbiteen)..
      Kiitos<3 Olo on jo vähä parempi, mut hitaasti hyvä tulee ^^

  3. That blue hair/wig is really cool...and so long..amazing :)

    1. But the long ones are the hardest ones to keep in great shape.. For example the ponytails (the wig is actually in three parts) are in HORRIBLE condition and I though Kim had already tossed the monstrosity out but no.. :P
      It's Kim's wig as I don't like to (anymore) spend over 30€ for wigs and I think that blue one was about 100-120€ back in 2009-2010 when Kim got it.. :DD