Thursday, September 5, 2013


I got my student grant yesterday so of course I made a small order (60€) of the new stamps and did some shopping in the Tiger store next to my school (new stuff came :3) and today I found these new Moomin cards from the store nearest to my parents' place - seriously!! Those are available in a store that serves a couple of hundred or about thousand farmers in the middle of nowhere but not in Porvoo (~50,000 inhabitants)!! D:

I also visited the "new" post office near where I live - it was first located in a small store that apparently went out of business in 1 year and now it's in R-Kioski.. The change happened on August 21st and the clerks are still a bit unsure how everything works. I waited for 5 minutes to get a registered package from there~ And as I was there a bit after 9am every grandpa from the town was waiting to get their morning coffee and had to stand in line behind me~

New Moomin cards :3

Had to buy some sweets even though I try to avoid sweets as much as I can :S

3D cards :3

Envelopes and apple labels :3

3D Wall stickers I'm going to use on my envelopes :P


  1. Ai uusia merkkei pääsee jo tilaamaan! jee :)

    1. Joo~ :)
      Mun ymmärtääkseni "ennakkomyynti" alkaa parii viikkoo ennen ku ne ilmestyy ja niitte PITÄS tulla sitte maanantaiks :)

  2. hii your letter arrived yesterday and make my day
    . thank you soo much for your card i like it especially for the birthday moomin card, thanks again.
    i will write the replay after my exam done maybe next 2 weeks.

    1. Happy to hear that :)
      I'll be waiting for the letter! ^^

  3. Mullakin lähti heti samana aamuna ku opintotuki oli pamahtanut tilille niin tilaus Postiin :D Kärsimättömänä tässä odottelen milloin saan ne kätösiini, kun en oo nyt taas kotona koko viikkoon yhyy haluun jo saada ne uudet merkit :D

    1. Ne on aivan ihania kaikki<3 Vaikka Postcrossing merkki tuntuuki vievän suunnilleen puolet kortista :DD