Thursday, September 12, 2013


I'm supposed to be packing and writing my World Heritage assignment about Verla (6-8 pages :D) since I'll be heading to Tampere tomorrow RIGHT after my English classes.. Probably the last convention before the late 2014 or early 2015 so I'm trying my best to make it a memorable one :) All the deadlines are for Sunday but as my weekend will be spent being a total geek with others like me I thought it's better to get those over and done with today.. Especially if we're going to play Pokémon drinking game during the weekend.......

But as I told you earlier I'm at the moment running 2 blogs, All That I'm After... and Letters, Postcards and a Cup of Tea. The latter will open up my habits, thoughts and pet peeves about snail mail and postcrossing so do follow it~ ;) I really look up to people who have the nerves and talent to battle with Wordpress! I'm STILL battling with it - no idea how it really works.. And our teacher said it's easy and can't understand why most Finns use blogger (maybe because it's easier??)..

Anyways, back to procrastinating~
I went shopping on Tuesday as I left early from home. I was supposed to go and buy cheap meat but apparently the sale didn't apply to the stores in Porvoo so instead I walked around the stores, got a free piece of strawberry cake from one store (was really yummy) and bought my first nail polish in a LONG time.

Angry Birds and Garfield postcards and Postcrossing and Angry Birds stamps from Porvoo main post office

3 sticker sheets - pay 2
6 Garfield postcards - pay 4
from Tiimari :3

Nail Polish and new pantyhose for Hatsune Miku cosplay~

Some liquor for our host~
Yes, I'm 22 but I still get those looks from clerks that I shouldn't be buying anything like this
And yesterday as I was cleaning up I found glow stick that I got from Desucon but never used~ :D

Censorship due to bad hairday and no makeup ;)
But I probably should get to work so that I'll get it done, pack my stuff and apparently I'm even going to bake today.. :S



  1. Noi vanhantyyliset angry birds kortit on musta ihan kivoja - sillain et niit olis hauska lähettää ulkomaille, en mä muuten noista linnuista oikein välitä :D Kivoi löytöjä tiimarista! Onks siel siis nyt ollu tarroja alennuksessa? :)

    1. Mä ostin ku sattu silmiin Postissa<3 Rakastan niitä ihan älyttömästi ja kaks onki jo lähteny postcrossingin kautta Angry Birds merkeillä :3 Aivan ihania<3
      Ainakin Porvoon Tiimarissa on vieläkin "Kolme tuotetta kahden hinnalla" ja koskee IHAN kaikkii tuotteita (paitsi postimerkit ja lahjakortit~ :D) Oli pakko kävästä ja napata tarroja ja kortteja mukaan :3

  2. I love shopping! Today I got a letter from you, thank you :)