Monday, September 2, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #35


Letter to Emma (sent last week but apparently she didn't receive it by Friday :/)
to Germany

to Germany

Postcards and teas to my Russian postcard pal

to my British postcard pal

As you can see not that much was written (though there are two letters waiting for me to continue writing).. I was busy and had a horrible week that ended in me having to meet way too many relatives (with most I don't even get along. Let's just say that my aunts, uncles and cousins are mostly.. INTERESTING.. Not to mention my grandparents.........) and leaving the place all bruised up as my 7 years old cousin figured it'd be great to wrestle with me (included a LOT of kicking and punching me. I'm all bruised up and can't lay on my sides thanks to that)..


  1. Beautiful mail like Always!
    your packige is on his way (very late because it was lying here at home for more than a week) But I wasen't able to post it.
    Live took over :D
    I'm still waiting for your letter :( Hopefully it arive soon! :)

    1. The letter hasn't arrived yet?!?! :( What could have happened to it?? :( I hope it's a problem within Finnish post!! It even took one week for a letter within Finland to arrive :(
      If the letter doesn't arrive in a couple of more weeks let me know and I'll rewrite the letter!!

  2. Hopefully it arive soon because rewiting a letter is not fun!
    I let you know !!!