Monday, August 5, 2013

"Where do you write?"

One of my longest lasting pals asked me this in the beginning of summer and asked me to provide pictures. Well as I don't personally own my own desk due to the fact that I'm hopefully less than 6 months away from starting my internship abroad and due to that I'm a freeloader at my parents' place to save up some of my student grants for the flights and living (more about that later and when I'm ready to leave~) I tend to take over my brother's computer area whenever he's not at home (too bad he loves gaming and his part-time work is done so I'm stuck in finding some other places where to write). Luckily for me he's moving tomorrow so I'll get his desk all to myself for the time being.. Bet my mum won't like me spreading my letter stuff all around the upstairs rooms :)

So far I've mostly written letters on my bed.. Too bad for me it started to hurt more and more as my neck and shoulders were in a bad position and it ended up in me having horrible headache/migraine attacks daily for some time.. :( Now I've taken two places as my own and here's where I wrote a letter or two during weekend~ :)

spread an old but clean carpet on our lawn and took out some of my letter supplies as for once it wasn't too windy to write outside! :)

Replying to Klaudia's letter :)

What I saw when I looked up from my papers...

...and behind me

When I'm inside I tend to take over the old "antique" table located next to my dad's library
There's my christening dress, my old toy and adorable photos of me from -92.
I was so adorable back then ;)
Maybe when the closet of "my room" is finished I get to buy a desk for myself.. Until then I'll be stuck with the desks I can take over.. Or taking over the kitchen when everyone else is away~ :)



  1. Ulkona olis ihana kirjoittaa mut tuossakaan matolla ei kyllä jaksa kovin kauan mahallaan maaten olla, tai ainakaan minä en jaksais :D niskathan siinä tulee kipeeks! Teil on kyllä kaunista ulkona :)

    1. Nii siinä valitettavasti helposti tulee vaikka kuinka pitäis tyynyjä ympärillä :) Ite sain puoltoist kirjettä kirjotettuu ulkona, ku kirjottamine on hidasta ku pitää kaiken aikaa vaihtaa asentoo :)

  2. Lovely places to write! I wish I had a garden where I could write too, but sadly I live in an apartment. I can always go to the park if I want to write outside but a garden would be better, more quiet :)

    1. I love my parents' garden as until 2005 I always wrote inside.. No garden to use and then all of a sudden we live in the middle of nowhere and there's all this space :D
      I don't think I could write in a park - too many people around me and I think I'd feel paranoid.. :D

  3. I know! :) I really like Fallen, so i can read this book :) I heard great reviews of Daughter of Smoke and Bone too :) I read this book now. I love t :) Today, I sent a package to you :*

    I also have my favorite places to write letters :) I like to write letters on the bed in my room or on the balcony under the umbrella :)

    1. I'll be waiting for the package then~ ^^

      I also tend to write letters on my bed as there's no proper desk.. :) Of and balcony<3 It must be SO great to have a proper balcony and write there! ^^