Thursday, August 29, 2013

"What could go wrong?"

Don't even get me started on that..
Yesterday was okay.. The World Heritage class was nice and mum is also looking forward for our Monday trip to Verla! (maybe they have some postcards and I can stock up some UNESCO WHS cards for postcrossing ;))
The wait from 11.30am to 3pm was a long one, especially since I only realized a couple of minutes before 3pm that there's a free wi-fi at school and I can finally download and register myself to instagram! (Why I don't have internet in my smartphone..? ........Let's just say that I don't and I depend on my laptop and free wi-fis..)
I got picked up a little after 3pm, got a postcard order from Hong Kong and a postcrossing card from Netherlands.. Then I decided to try to open up my laptop, put the internet on (I have USB modem, it's a stupid gadget if you ask me) and BAM.
There was some frigging problem with the internet (luckily mum and dad have their own USB modem so I was able to use that and googled what the heck is the problem) and I realized that there must have been a mix up with me and my brother.

My mum and dad's USB modem :(
Our USB modems looked exactly alike and he just changed his internet connection to a better one. So he had my internet and I have his, his internet got shut down and the DNA store where they made the exchange has my working sim card from my USB modem.. So dad took it with him today and I'll be looking forward to him coming home and telling me whether I'll get my internet back or not -__-

from weheartit
I managed to bake a cake for my cousin's party (the cake looks crappy and I'm sure there's something wrong with it) and got some postcards in the mail.. But what I'd really need is a HUGE cup of good tea and some relaxing music for the next couple of hours before I can even think about packing or touching the mail I have on my "to reply" pile....

No, the world doesn't really like me at the moment..



  1. Oivoi:( Nettiongelmat ei oo kivoja ollenkaan!

    1. Ei todellakaan!! :(
      Varsinkin kun sitä puitiin sitten noin tunnin ajan puhelimitsekin!! :( Onko niin vaikea ymmärtää että ihan samalta näyttävät mokkulat on menny sekasin ja se sammutettu sim on kotona kun taas kaupassa on toimiva? :( No, onneksi nyt saa sentään alennusta ja uuden simin pitäisi tulla ensi viikolla!!