Monday, August 12, 2013

"We'll come and pick you up on Monday afternoon!!"

Without lying my first reaction can be summed up in exactly one gif:

from weheartit
But you promised to pick me up on Sunday!! And what about my mail? I know I received a letter from Maria on Thursday and I think I've received one or two postcrossing cards as the difference between sent and received is 8.. And I made a little order to amazon and postcardgarden (not as great as it was back in 2009 and 2010 :( ) the moment I got a bit money.. Mail keeps me sane and I hoped I would get the mail of Thursday and Friday on Sunday evening so that I'd also get rid of my stupid writer's block I've been suffering of since last Tuesday :(

So after we nearly finished my costume on Sunday evening Kim drove me back to my brother's place as my parents were too lazy to come and pick me up at 7pm (too late!! D:)

But luckily dad promised to take the mail with him so that I can tear up the envelopes on the way home x3

While waiting for dad to pick me up sometime around 5pm I've been browsing weheartit and I found a PERFECT gif to describe my feelings whenever I get mail :D

Gosh I want a mail slot once again!!


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