Monday, August 26, 2013

The Last Day Of Summer~

My summer vacation is over and I'm returning to school tomorrow morning..
I didn't feel like it at first but after bumping to Kate this afternoon I started realizing that school is starting (she came back from China just a couple of days earlier) and autumn is coming.
Seriously!! In the morning it's only 8 degrees and then it goes up to 24 by afternoon!! WHAT THE HECK WEATHER?!?

Went to the hairdresser today to cut my hair, liked the results and published the first picture of me without a wig after a LONG time.. Too bad I try my best to keep that in Facebook ;P
As I had 5 hours to do whatever I wanted around Porvoo I did "some" shopping :DD More done tomorrow as I probably need to buy the last things for our cosplays with Kim.. Lovely to go and work with the costumes with her after waking up before 6am and spending time at school in worst case until 6pm.. And school starts at 9am on Wednesday........
Fuck my life. I'll look for a quiet corner at school, take my pillow with me and take a nap. I've slept in airports (on the floor) 3 times already!! It's not a problem!!

2 letters were waiting for me :3

Instead of sweets I bought Coca-cola light and chewing gum

a hair mask from the hairdresser :3

A set of Twinings' Voyage teas :3 and a green tea from Tiger sushi~

Found 2 English books in our library!! (other than those the English books are Twilight, The Lord of The Rings, Hobbit and some books for little kids.. "The 5th Wave" seemed like no one had read it before!!! :3

What I'm reading now and probably will finish tomorrow or the day after it :3
Werewolves and the Titanic x3

I also visited the main post office..

Porvoossa oli ainakin sellanen tarjous että kun osti kaksi noita Muumit-korttisettiä sai ne pelkkien merkkien hinnalla! ;D

Went to the old town and saw the cards in my favourite old toy store :3

And decided to buy some more Moomin cards..
0,5€/card ;3


  1. Oi miten ihania kortteja :) toi kortti missä Niiskuneiti istuu puun oksalla on kyllä tosi nätti :)

    tää kesä on kyllä menny tosi nopeesti :) vaikka opiskelusta pidänkin, en tiiä jaksaainko noin pitkiä koulupäiviä :) tsemppiä kouluun :)

    1. On<3 Olin iha onnessani ku sain käyä sitä Muumi korttien valikoimaa läpi<3 :D Kaikkee sitä löytää ku vaa jaksaa ettii ^^

      Kesä on menny ihan liian nopeesti! :( Oikee harmittaa että koulut alkaa ja istuu taas kaiken lämpimän ajan sisätiloissa, VARSINKI jos huomisesta eteenpäin pitäs sataa vettä :(

  2. I'm going back to school on September 2, fortunately at my place it is still about 20 degrees, although it goes longer fall. Yesterday I got a letter from you, thank you for the beautiful cards, stickers and tea :) I love the Moomins! <3

    1. It's so nice!! ;;__;; In Finland it does get to 20 degrees at day time but in the early morning (around 7 and 8am) it's only 8 degrees.. So I have to choose whether I want to freeze in the morning or melt in the afternoon :(

      I'm so happy to hear that you got it so fast<3 I think I mailed it out on Thursday or Friday!! :3 The fact that most of my pals love Moomins got me to go and shop more Moomin cards and stamps yesterday<3 >3< And in ~2 weeks comes Angry Birds, Postcrossing and Autumn stamps<3

  3. Yay, you got letter from me! :D And all this postcards are lovely! :)
    Btw, i saw the movie like this book "The perks of being a wallflower". it's cool, but i didn't read this book, i think it's not even in Poland yet ;p

    1. Yes!! I got it but it'll take a while to reply due to school and my cousin's party that's held this weekend :/
      The book has been published first time in 1999 so I think it could be in Polish :3

  4. No problem! :) I'll be waiting :)
    I have to check this book in library ;p

    As about my letter to you, was there drawing? or it lost? :o

    1. Hopefully you'll be able to find the book!! ^^

      There was a drawing! ^^
      Will put a proper pic in my blog in the weekend :P

    2. i'm glad :D i was worrying that it got lost ;p