Thursday, August 1, 2013

Productive Wednesday!

Didn't write any letters and only 2 postcrossing cards BUT I baked! Vanilla - (wild) blueberry "cheese"cake :) Will be baking a gluten+lactose free cake for my cousin's confirmation party in the end of August so I have to practice.. Even though most of our foods and cakes are gluten and lactose free all the time :P
Mum already says that we're all getting fat now that I like to bake at least once a week :3

Cake and Moomin tea :3

Yummy! :3
Managed to make 11 envelopes as well and now that it's raining and our cat still seems to be on his adventures somewhere (saw him last on July 26th :( ) I try to make everything else so that I won't worry :(

Not so winter/Christmas related envelopes :D

A bit more wintery themed envelopes :D
After I was finished with the notes envelope I realized there were notes and Finnish lyrics to "Silent Night" :D


  1. Oo, lähetä pala kakkua mullekin. :)

    1. Voin ainakin laittaa reseptin ;)
      Ite en oo leiponu vuosiin ja nyt tein 5 juustokakkua heinäkuun aikana ja 4 onnistu tosi hyvin<3 Ihanan helppoja! :3

  2. Some winter in the middle of the summer, seems like perfect idea for me! :)

  3. The cake looks yummy :)

    Hopefully your cat will come back soon...

    1. It was REALLY yummy! :3
      And he did come back yesterday as it was raining.. :)
      Really wet and hungry kitty<3

    2. Glad to hear that your cat is back safely :)

  4. The next time we'll meet, shall we bake a cheese cake?<3 (YESPLEASE!)