Friday, August 30, 2013

Pen Palling Related~!!

The pictures have nothing to do with the subject.. I just thought I'd add those so that the post wouldn't be text only :)

I was wondering whether my pals want me to put their letters to the "Outgoing Mail" post the week I finish the letters or the week they've received those? :/
I don't like to put pictures of the envelopes on my blog so it usually spoils the surprise for my pals.. That's why I started thinking about this.. :) I don't mind seeing sneak peeks of my letters in my pals' blogs but probably some of my pals would rather receive their letters and then see the picture in my blog.. And as I schedule all of my blog posts it's not a problem to create an outgoing mail post for the next week or two.. :)
This way I could also show all of the postcards I send to my postcard pals or those that I add to the letters.. Not all of my pals follow me but some do.. :)

Mum was a waitress at a wedding and took 2 bouquets home :3
So please let me know how you'd prefer me to post the outgoing mail~

My incoming will be weekly as it has been so far - especially now that I might spend Tue-Wed nights away from home :S And I'm probably using my Mondays and Thursdays doing everything except what I'd really want to.. At least 2 out of 3 courses will be demanding (though I don't have contact lessons every week - some weeks I might only have the Friday class~) so replies will take time to be written.. :(

But that's about it.. I have some post ideas but I might wait and publish those in my (probably) upcoming wordpress blog and then copy those here~ No plans on letting this one die as it's my very first and dearest blog :3 (have had 3 others that all died and got deleted~)

Have a great weekend everyone~


And now to me trying to drink some teas I've received from swaps and from pals :)
Plus a new cake~

Pickwick Rosehip that I got from Lola (also got Rosehip-Peach and Rosehip-Raspberry and all were just perfect even though those were herbal teas :))
Another (herbal) Pickwick tea - Plum&vanilla (I think?) which was also quite good~ :)
Got it from a Polish swapper :)
Angry Birds card to my 7&8 year old cousins, Moomins to my cousin's confirmation party.
Milk and gluten free dark chocolate - sea-buckthorn cake :) All sea-buckthorn berries are from our own garden :3


  1. You can post about what you send to me if I know what I will receive before hand ;3
    But if there's something special coming to my address it would be nicer not to know :D

  2. Pickwick tea is always good ^.^ I am usually not writing a name of my pal, only country. However its not very safe, THEY MAY NOW! :-D

    1. I don't care whether they know as I use my blog in order to remember what I sent my pals and when so I use blogging names or such to keep myself posted..
      I just want to know do my pals want to know when I'm sending them mail or do they want the letters to come as surprises.

  3. It's okay for me that you post about what you'll send to me before I'll get it, as long as it's not birthday or christmas related! ^^ Sorry for the late reply btw!! Just got the time to read your blog again! :3