Sunday, August 4, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #31

The week started with a warm (hot) and sunny day so me and my brother woke up early to go to the nearby forest to pick up some wild raspberries (hope I'm not the only one to mix strawberries and raspberries....) before 8am.. But as the temperature went up from there I spent the day inside going through my letter supplies and worrying whether I'd make it until September with my stamps.. Guess not but I'll try my best.. :3 But as the heat got worse I just stayed in my room and started writing letters and postcards :3 The first postcard from South Korea (via postcrossing) made my day and the fact that I finally got Tiger Lily was the icing on the cake :3 Too bad I didn't manage to tie Kim up and force her to spend more time with me before she goes back to Rovaniemi :(

But of course after Monday the weather decided to change so we got rain and wind~ PERFECT weather to stay inside and concentrate on writing~ (too bad I'm slow and easily distracted :S) And I needed to go through the cardboard boxes where I've packed my letter papers and envelopes and hadn't opened those since I moved back here.......


to Maria/Finland
to Germany
deleted everything from the memory card of my camera before I remembered I hadn't moved the picture of this letter to my laptop.. Go me~ So here you can see the boring envelope with the polar bear stamp~
Letter to Klaudia/Poland

letter to Germany
Letter to Ai-chan/Germany


to Italy via postcrossing

to Estonia via postcrossing
to Germany via postcrossing

to Taiwan via postcrossing

to Poland via postcrossing

to Sweden via postcrossing
Linda Peltola's Uudestisyntyminen/Rebirth

to South Korea via postcrossing
Her address was LONG - 8 rows!! so I chose to send the card in an envelope and add 2 Moomin teas since she wrote that she liked Moomins :)

8 cards private swap to Australia (+a note and a bunch of used stamps)
Forgot to take a photo of the cards and everything before I already closed the envelope~
So enjoy the 3 EUROPA stamps on the boring envelope~
Tiana card to Japan
Too bad the scanner doesn't like me and I'm too lazy to fix the colours from settings or modifying the photo~

Garfield card to Japan
postcrossing card to Switzerland
to USA via postcrossing (don't have any city views from Finland but hopefully this card of Jamsil Olympic Stadium is to his liking as he hoped to receive stadium cards :))
To my Lithuanian postcard pal

to Bree (one of many cards)

Linda Peltola's Keskiyön Jumalatar/Midnight Goddess

to UK
Linda Peltola's Vihreä Sydän/A Green Heart

Moomins to UK


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    1. I have a huge box full of various postcards but most of the cards I sent this week were from Emma's giveaway which I won or from a set I got as a present from an old friend :P

  2. Piirrtetyt kisukortit on niin CUTE!! :))