Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I hate headaches and being so tired that you fall asleep the moment you close your eyes, no matter whether you're lying or standing.. I fell asleep last night around 9pm and slept well.. Due to this I didn't really have time to pack my bags properly, didn't take half the things I would have wanted to take with me and I didn't really check my email.. I got to school and sat down in a quiet reading room at 7.45am. I opened my school email just to read that my first class starts at 4pm today. 10 hours at school today because I'm not carrying my bag around Porvoo today and I'm just too tired to lift my big ass now that I managed to take over one desk..

Plans to do anything productive?

from weheartit
I do have my laptop and a book with me but that's it.. .__. I WOULD HAVE HAD THE TIME TO WRITE LETTERS TODAY!!!! ;;__;; Guess who left the letters at home~

Don't leave me alone and bored.. It makes me want to check online stores and spend all the money I have right now......



  1. Ohh ;(((( Don't worry it happens, we all have bad days :) Can't you go out somewhere? My school is close to the cafeteria and a shopping center, I would deffinitely go there :)

    1. I have a HUGE bag with me as I'm going to my friend's place tonight and as it weights at least 5kg I don't feel like carrying it around.. And as I don't have a locker there's nowhere I could put it :(
      Sure, there's a bit store, a small district with clothing stores and 2 cafeterias next to my university but I already did a small tour around those and realized that the bag is just way too heavy to carry around.. :(

  2. That really sucks...can't you ask some teacher or so if you could leave that bag for a while in maybe the teacher's room or somewhere else...if you don't have a locker? Or if there is a library or some other place that maybe has lockers?