Saturday, August 24, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #34


Thursday was the first day in a long time I didn't receive any mail.. I swear my mum did a little happy dance that she got more mail than I did.. :) And then she went on how I must be a hoarder since I have letters from 2004 :( I throw away letters of people with whom I don't write anymore (except for my 2 first pen pals) and if I have a pal who has written with me since 2004 why would I throw the letters away! :(
Does anyone else feel the way I do or do people just throw away the letters they receive after those are read and replied to? :/


from my British postcard pal

LOVE it when postcrossers read my wishlist :3 I LOVE Fauna of Belarus + bird cards! ^^
postcrossing card from Belarus
10 swap cards from Down Under

Oh Brisbane how I miss you ;;__;;

My favourite card of the 10!
Been in love with Uluru since I first saw a picture of it in 1999! :)


One of the biggest surprises of the week :D Christmas card from my old flatmate D.
She can't wait for Christmas anymore ;D
Letter from Singapore~

Letter from Indonesia from someone I didn't think I'd hear from :)
Jasmine-Lime tea :DD

My order of 23 postcards from Linda Peltola's Keijumökki came :3

Cat cards~


Fairies, some gothic and steampunk themes as well~

And fairies and mermaids :)

Postcards from Kim! ^^



  1. I still have letters from people I wrote with in the 90's. The only things I throw away are storebought Christmas and birthday cards which are signed with no more than a name.

    1. That's what I thought! :)
      Too bad she has never written with anyone so she wouldn't understand.. :(

  2. Eihän kirjeitä voi KOSKAAN heittää pois! Mulla on säästössä joka ikinen kirje jonka oon saanut, myös niiden kirjekavereiden joiden kans en oo kirjoitellu enää vuosiin :D

    1. Mulla oli aiemmin kaikki tulleet kirjeet, mutta ku ~200 kirjettä oli ihmisiltä joilta tuli vaa muutama kirje joskus 2004-2010 välillä ja oon joutunu muuttaa useempaan otteeseen eikä kaikelle vaa oo säilytystilaa.. :)
      Oon polttanut kirjeitä jotka on tullu ihmisiltä, jotka ei kirjottanu ku kirjeen tai pari (ja neki n. 2-3 vuotta sen jälkee ku viimene kirje tuli) mut kaikki muut on yhä säilössä 2 isossa laatikossa (toisessa Suomen, toisessa ulkomaitten kirjeet) :)

  3. I kept all letters and postcards I received...even those from people I am no longer in contact with...
    I think I'd only throw away letters or cards from (pen-) friends if the person did something really bad to me...but if they just stopped writing for whatever reason, then I still keep them...

    1. Even those one-two letter writers with whom you didn't really get any sort of contact/"click" with? :)

    2. Yep....even I have letters from people who've only written once or twice...

    3. I keep those letters though in a box in the back of my room, but I still keep them...I probably haven't looked at them in a long time though, lol. I think so far there was only one time when I was close to throwing away a postcard, because it only had a standard greeting and a name on it, and nothing else, but I even kept that far at least

    4. I almost start to feel bad hearing that everyone else keep all of their received postcards and letters.. Sure I do keep all of the postcards from my pals but for example I do burn many postcrossing cards that don't belong to my collection and if there's nothing else than ID and "Happy postcrossing".. A nice message can save even the ugliest of cards :D
      I think the reason I do burn the letters from pals that only wrote 1-4 letters and then stopped for good (no letters for years) is that I've yet to move out never to return and I only have one small room to keep my belongings in.. And I only have 2 quite medium sized boxes for my letters.. Even now those are ready to burst and I've relocated some letters to these maps but sooner or later I'm in need of bigger boxes if I'm even to store the letters from my current pals.. Especially when some actually write novels instead of letters :)

    5. Well, you seem to have way more postcards and letters than I have...maybe if I had that many postcards, I'd have to think about getting rid of some as well...
      But I have to admit, so far I never received a postcrossing card that had no real message on it, all the cards I got had messages on it...some longer, some shorter...but everybody wrote something on it...
      As for letters, I probably receive less letters in a month than you do in a week or two, lol..sometimes at least.
      Right now it seems anyway that my penfriends don't have time to write anyway...and one letternettie doesn't seem to want to write anymore...for some reason.
      I think I received only one letter this month...
      So I don't have that many letters yet to have problems storing them...

    6. I've received way too many postcards with no real message via postcrossing :( Sure the postcrossing forum postcards usually have messages but for example the cards I've lately received are most often just "US-123 Hello! Happy postcrossing!" D: And on top of that those are usually some cards I don't even care about :(
      I'm personally still on my way to catch up with mail.. And if only I would've had one more week to catch up I would have managed to do that :( But now that school started and this week is hectic I probably have to wait until next week to even touch the letters as last night I went to bed before 9pm - came home a bit before 7pm, packed my stuff, ate and went to bed and right now I'm stuck at school until late evening and I won't be home before Wednesday evening X__x Oh how I wish I had time to write :(

  4. These fairy postcards are pretty amazing. My parents arelike "let's make firework display cause we get more bills than you get letters"...*.* I keep all mail except one-time letters, because they don't have that much value as letters from my regular pen pals :)

    1. I know! :) I've loved Linda Peltola's illustrations since 2009 and I was so happy to be able to buy a bunch once again! ^^
      Haha :D I think my mum would like to burn all the letters I have.. Those would keep the house warm for a day :) I actually get letters and postcards more often than my parents receive bills :P
      So you have letters from people who have written less than 5 letters and then all of a sudden stopped?

  5. I alsow keep all of my letters, I don't know they just mean so much to me. I need to admit that it make me happy when I can just look to them or hold them in my hands (yes, I know I'm very strange xD )My sister is good in trowing things away and she Always laugh with me, but jep like I said, I can't trow them away, I even asked my grandparents there old letters, they are really nice, long love letters because they couldn't see eachother for a long time. Still haven't reed them all, but it is on my to do list.
    so I'm kind of a geek but honestly? I like it.
    Btw. I loved the postcards you received! they look very nice! ow and It's nice that you found me on fb. :D

    1. I burn the letters of pals who no longer write with me as those tend to be quite shallow ones about school, weather, how one has been.. Nothing REALLY personal and I don't personally really care re-reading letters like those.. :)
      But with letters from pals that still write with me I feel exactly like you! I feel happy to see those and be able to re-read those to check something they wrote a couple of letters ago or in their first letter :DD Sometimes I even wish I could read my first letters to some of my pals :DD
      I'd love to be able to get old love letters :DD That's probably why I keep the letters of one of my ex separated from all the other letters - no one can burn those :D
      I'm happy it was you and I didn't send a message or a friend request to a wrong person! xD

  6. Sä saat aina niin ihanaa postia! Mäkin kyl heitän sellasten ihmisten kirjeet menemään, joilta oon saanu vaa muutaman kirjeen ja sit ei oo enää kuulunut mitään. Niillä ei oo mitään tunne-arvoa ja mitä sitä sellasten ihmisten kirjeitä säästelemään joita hädin tuskin edes tuntee! Tilaa on muutenkin rajoitetusti niin en haluu säästää kuin vain tärkeimmät. Parhaiden ja aktiivisten/pitkäaikaisten kirjekavereiden kirjeet oon säästänyt jokaikisen!

    1. Ite ihastelen aina muitten saamaa postia ja yritän niistä saada ideoita omiin kirjeisiin ja muihin että sais iteki sitte upeita kirjeitä kavereilta ;)
      Hienoo kuulla etten oo ainoo joka heittelee "turhii" kirjeitä pois :)

  7. hello Lily, the letter from indonesia is from me, i am sorry, i am a little bit busy so i can send the letter on july/august actually i get your address on may. Sorry

    1. Yes, I know it's from you but as I wasn't sure of your blog address I didn't mention your name as I want to protect my pen pals' privacy.