Saturday, August 10, 2013


Incoming mail update will be a bit late this week as I was lazy on scanning the postcards I received on Tuesday and Wednesday and as I've been away from home since Thursday morning :)

I left early on Thursday morning to my brother's student apartment which he shares with his best friend since the 3rd grade. I've also known the guy for 9 years, so he's like a second little brother to me..
I got to their apartment a bit before 7am and spent time from 7.30am to nearly 3pm around Porvoo spending all the money I got for this weekend~

I met N at Coffee House around 9am and hung out with her until 1.30pm when she dropped me to Lidl and I met my brother and P to do some grocery shopping with them (they carried most of my bags :3). Their bathroom was DIRTY and I nagged to them about cleaning it. Guess who did it in the end after I got them to buy the equipments for that and paid my stuff (tea, ice tea, yoghurt and some jam)?
So I did just that and spent the rest of the day at my brother's place.. Realized my left ankle was acting up again as it broke 16 years ago and it never got treated as doctors said I had just strained the ankle and it ended up shattered again 6 years ago so it does act up now and then so walking can be painful even though I LOVE to stroll around!

On Friday morning I packed things up again and Kim picked me up around 2pm and we went to do the last minute shopping for our costumes and since then we she has been working on my costume ;) I'm the worst with sewing machine and she doesn't even really let me do a lot as she's sure I'd just mess things up! :(
But it's been great and I've actually seen the costume coming together little by little :)

Our costumes - we had these pictures and long "to buy" lists with us in Porvoo :)

We started with the hearts and we've continued with my top and all those golden parts of the costume :)
Apart from stuff for the costume I also bought stuff for pen palling just because I hoard postcards and stamps whenever I get the chance to~ :)

Postcards from Sadunhenki - 28 cards (11 Moomin ones) for 15€ ;) My favourite shop for postcards

New calendar for 2013-2014

Yummy almonds that N brought for me from Denmark :3

2 postcards from one of the shops from Old Town of Porvoo

Glue and tapes from Tiger store

0,5€ for a Greeting card~

And 0,5€ for each 3D/hologram card from Tiger store :3

1st one is my belated birthday present from N
2nd one is my book that I kinda forced N to read
3rd one is a book N is forcing me to read :D


2nd class stamps

And Moomin and extra postage so that I can also use those second class stamps when sending international mail and not having to use two 2nd class stamps at a time :)


  1. *jealous*...Finland has such cool stamps :)

    1. I used to hate all of the 2nd class stamps (except the EUROPA stamps of forests and ESPECIALLY those bird stamps) but by now I've gotten used to those and I bet those would be perfect for my foreign pals as soon as I get back home and pen palling :)

  2. Bird postcards are so beautiful :)