Saturday, August 31, 2013

To My Dearest Penpals~

Since you couldn't answer to my previous post I'm making it simpler for all of you:

I would like to know whether YOU (my pals) who are following my blog would like to know when I'm sending you a letter or whether it would be better to publish the pictures after the letters are received.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Pen Palling Related~!!

The pictures have nothing to do with the subject.. I just thought I'd add those so that the post wouldn't be text only :)

I was wondering whether my pals want me to put their letters to the "Outgoing Mail" post the week I finish the letters or the week they've received those? :/
I don't like to put pictures of the envelopes on my blog so it usually spoils the surprise for my pals.. That's why I started thinking about this.. :) I don't mind seeing sneak peeks of my letters in my pals' blogs but probably some of my pals would rather receive their letters and then see the picture in my blog.. And as I schedule all of my blog posts it's not a problem to create an outgoing mail post for the next week or two.. :)
This way I could also show all of the postcards I send to my postcard pals or those that I add to the letters.. Not all of my pals follow me but some do.. :)

Mum was a waitress at a wedding and took 2 bouquets home :3
So please let me know how you'd prefer me to post the outgoing mail~

My incoming will be weekly as it has been so far - especially now that I might spend Tue-Wed nights away from home :S And I'm probably using my Mondays and Thursdays doing everything except what I'd really want to.. At least 2 out of 3 courses will be demanding (though I don't have contact lessons every week - some weeks I might only have the Friday class~) so replies will take time to be written.. :(

But that's about it.. I have some post ideas but I might wait and publish those in my (probably) upcoming wordpress blog and then copy those here~ No plans on letting this one die as it's my very first and dearest blog :3 (have had 3 others that all died and got deleted~)

Have a great weekend everyone~


And now to me trying to drink some teas I've received from swaps and from pals :)
Plus a new cake~

Pickwick Rosehip that I got from Lola (also got Rosehip-Peach and Rosehip-Raspberry and all were just perfect even though those were herbal teas :))
Another (herbal) Pickwick tea - Plum&vanilla (I think?) which was also quite good~ :)
Got it from a Polish swapper :)
Angry Birds card to my 7&8 year old cousins, Moomins to my cousin's confirmation party.
Milk and gluten free dark chocolate - sea-buckthorn cake :) All sea-buckthorn berries are from our own garden :3

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"What could go wrong?"

Don't even get me started on that..
Yesterday was okay.. The World Heritage class was nice and mum is also looking forward for our Monday trip to Verla! (maybe they have some postcards and I can stock up some UNESCO WHS cards for postcrossing ;))
The wait from 11.30am to 3pm was a long one, especially since I only realized a couple of minutes before 3pm that there's a free wi-fi at school and I can finally download and register myself to instagram! (Why I don't have internet in my smartphone..? ........Let's just say that I don't and I depend on my laptop and free wi-fis..)
I got picked up a little after 3pm, got a postcard order from Hong Kong and a postcrossing card from Netherlands.. Then I decided to try to open up my laptop, put the internet on (I have USB modem, it's a stupid gadget if you ask me) and BAM.
There was some frigging problem with the internet (luckily mum and dad have their own USB modem so I was able to use that and googled what the heck is the problem) and I realized that there must have been a mix up with me and my brother.

My mum and dad's USB modem :(
Our USB modems looked exactly alike and he just changed his internet connection to a better one. So he had my internet and I have his, his internet got shut down and the DNA store where they made the exchange has my working sim card from my USB modem.. So dad took it with him today and I'll be looking forward to him coming home and telling me whether I'll get my internet back or not -__-

from weheartit
I managed to bake a cake for my cousin's party (the cake looks crappy and I'm sure there's something wrong with it) and got some postcards in the mail.. But what I'd really need is a HUGE cup of good tea and some relaxing music for the next couple of hours before I can even think about packing or touching the mail I have on my "to reply" pile....

No, the world doesn't really like me at the moment..


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I hate headaches and being so tired that you fall asleep the moment you close your eyes, no matter whether you're lying or standing.. I fell asleep last night around 9pm and slept well.. Due to this I didn't really have time to pack my bags properly, didn't take half the things I would have wanted to take with me and I didn't really check my email.. I got to school and sat down in a quiet reading room at 7.45am. I opened my school email just to read that my first class starts at 4pm today. 10 hours at school today because I'm not carrying my bag around Porvoo today and I'm just too tired to lift my big ass now that I managed to take over one desk..

Plans to do anything productive?

from weheartit
I do have my laptop and a book with me but that's it.. .__. I WOULD HAVE HAD THE TIME TO WRITE LETTERS TODAY!!!! ;;__;; Guess who left the letters at home~

Don't leave me alone and bored.. It makes me want to check online stores and spend all the money I have right now......


Monday, August 26, 2013

The Last Day Of Summer~

My summer vacation is over and I'm returning to school tomorrow morning..
I didn't feel like it at first but after bumping to Kate this afternoon I started realizing that school is starting (she came back from China just a couple of days earlier) and autumn is coming.
Seriously!! In the morning it's only 8 degrees and then it goes up to 24 by afternoon!! WHAT THE HECK WEATHER?!?

Went to the hairdresser today to cut my hair, liked the results and published the first picture of me without a wig after a LONG time.. Too bad I try my best to keep that in Facebook ;P
As I had 5 hours to do whatever I wanted around Porvoo I did "some" shopping :DD More done tomorrow as I probably need to buy the last things for our cosplays with Kim.. Lovely to go and work with the costumes with her after waking up before 6am and spending time at school in worst case until 6pm.. And school starts at 9am on Wednesday........
Fuck my life. I'll look for a quiet corner at school, take my pillow with me and take a nap. I've slept in airports (on the floor) 3 times already!! It's not a problem!!

2 letters were waiting for me :3

Instead of sweets I bought Coca-cola light and chewing gum

a hair mask from the hairdresser :3

A set of Twinings' Voyage teas :3 and a green tea from Tiger sushi~

Found 2 English books in our library!! (other than those the English books are Twilight, The Lord of The Rings, Hobbit and some books for little kids.. "The 5th Wave" seemed like no one had read it before!!! :3

What I'm reading now and probably will finish tomorrow or the day after it :3
Werewolves and the Titanic x3

I also visited the main post office..

Porvoossa oli ainakin sellanen tarjous että kun osti kaksi noita Muumit-korttisettiä sai ne pelkkien merkkien hinnalla! ;D

Went to the old town and saw the cards in my favourite old toy store :3

And decided to buy some more Moomin cards..
0,5€/card ;3

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Outgoing Mail Weeks #33 & #34

I decided to put together the outgoing mails of the last 2 weeks of my summer vacation so you could see how little I managed to write :D And as the mail of last week was SUPPOSED to be sent from Korkeasaari zoo as my brother went there last Sunday, (he forgot to take the letters even though I had placed those on his desk ON TOP OF HIS STUPID LAPTOP.) those were sent a bit late.. :(

But here we go~


to Germany

to Finland
Letter to Maria
to Finland

to Germany (one sided papers ;;__;;)

Letter to Germany

Letter to Lola

Letter to Dalliene
Letter to Indonesia
Letter to Singapore

Letter to Germany

swap to Poland

Birthday package + letter to Rini/USA

Thank you card to Germany

postcrossing card to Portugal as the postcrosser seems to have come online once again :)

postcrossing card to Belarus

Postcrossing card to Germany
Postcrossing card to USA

Postcrossing card to Netherlands

3D postcrossing card to Ukraine (there are even fishes from Finding Nemo on the card ;) I found 5 myself)

3D postcrossing card to Taiwan
Postcards +Moomin tea to a Japanese postcard pal
Postcards to Lithuanian postcard pal

to Japanese postcard pal

to Japanese postcard pal

to Chinese postcard pal

to Chinese postcard pal

to Chinese postcard pal

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #34


Thursday was the first day in a long time I didn't receive any mail.. I swear my mum did a little happy dance that she got more mail than I did.. :) And then she went on how I must be a hoarder since I have letters from 2004 :( I throw away letters of people with whom I don't write anymore (except for my 2 first pen pals) and if I have a pal who has written with me since 2004 why would I throw the letters away! :(
Does anyone else feel the way I do or do people just throw away the letters they receive after those are read and replied to? :/


from my British postcard pal

LOVE it when postcrossers read my wishlist :3 I LOVE Fauna of Belarus + bird cards! ^^
postcrossing card from Belarus
10 swap cards from Down Under

Oh Brisbane how I miss you ;;__;;

My favourite card of the 10!
Been in love with Uluru since I first saw a picture of it in 1999! :)


One of the biggest surprises of the week :D Christmas card from my old flatmate D.
She can't wait for Christmas anymore ;D
Letter from Singapore~

Letter from Indonesia from someone I didn't think I'd hear from :)
Jasmine-Lime tea :DD

My order of 23 postcards from Linda Peltola's Keijumökki came :3

Cat cards~


Fairies, some gothic and steampunk themes as well~

And fairies and mermaids :)

Postcards from Kim! ^^