Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #30



to Thailand

to Poland
Linda Peltola's Ystävyys/Friendship

to Czech Republic

to Finland

to Canada

to Malaysia

to Germany and Belgium

to Spain

to Brazil

to Japan

to Australia


to Germany with the new letter set I got from a pal :3
LOVE the transparent envelope!! ^^
to Emma

to Dalliene
to Germany


  1. Gift and letter came today :) Thank you very much and I'm sorry that I did not send you more stuff. :( I had no idea what I can add to the letter, but when I write back, you can expect a bit more :)

    1. Wow! That was fast! :O And I just sent it last Friday!!
      And don't worry! No need to send anything extra!! I really liked everything I got! :) Get to use those small papers when I need to add some text with postcards that are sent in envelopes ^^

    2. I was suprised :) Everything I like, and I have an idea of ​​what to send to you :)

  2. hello you!
    When I came beack from vakation I found your letter and it made my day!
    Don't think I forgot your birthday!
    I already bought a few things! But I'm going to wait untill I finished my letter to you. But that can take a while longer than normal, there are some family things at the moment, and I have re-examinations but know you know it will come :D
    a very very very late birthday gift :p

    1. Hey<3
      Good to hear it came! :) I got your card yesterday and I was just smiling when you had written that you hadn't heard from me in a while and still I had sent your letter about 2(?) weeks ago :P
      And don't worry about taking your time!! :) I'm currently a bit slow with replies as I'm going through my stuff and trying to see how much letter papers and envelopes I have :D
      Good luck with your re-examinations<3