Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not many outgoing letters this week..

But the ones that will leave are going to be LONG..
I started a LONG reply to a 50 pages long letter yesterday (as I chose to start tackling the longest letters) and after spending over 10 hours with it I'm finally reaching the last 10 pages.. I'm a horrible pal for letting people wait for my letters for such a long time.. ;;__;; But at least my reply is also a long one!!
Almost finished with the notebook I thought the reply would have fitted and that there would have been one or two extra pages on top of that but no.. :S
Wonder if I'll ever be forgiven for this hiatus and taking so effing long to reply.. .__.

The package, notebook and papers I've already replied to, one I'm replying to and that are waiting me to go through them.. Some of the papers have already been stored elsewhere..
And I conquered my brother's room and laptop desk only because it's the perfect place to write letters in..



  1. You got a letter that's 50 pages long? Wow...and I thought 10-15 pages is already long, lol.

    1. Yeah.. :D But I got it AGES ago and have took my time to write back.. Luckily it's already sent now<3

    2. How long was your reply? lol Could you still write after you finished that long letter? I think my hand would have really hurt after writing so much...
      That's almost like a book..such a long letter.

    3. I'm not totally sure.. :) I just know that I wrote about/over 20 pages on Monday and the rest yesterday 9am-5pm.. I had to take short breaks now and then because my hand started to hurt a lot.. And I chose to send the postcards afterwards as I just couldn't write no more.. :) I wrote a short 2 page letter while watching Numb3rs 9-10pm but that was it.. :)
      Now I'm happy I only have short/shorter letters left :D