Monday, July 22, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #30 - Monday

I feel like an over excited squirrel running around the house
I've been cleaning up like there's no tomorrow, visited the nearby forest to pick up some mushrooms with my mum but we ended up getting loads of wild raspberries instead and picked up the mail. 2 PACKAGES, LETTER AND A BUNCH OF POSTCARDS!! I seriously couldn't be happiereven though I will be when I tear those open :3

Now I just need to hide all my letter supplies somewhere and clean my room before I get to baking cookies and my cake
from K/Poland

from Dalliene/Poland

from Maria/Finland
Moomin stamp :3

from my British postcard pal from her trip to Slovakia

from Germany via postcrossing
BERLIN CARD!! \(^__^)/

from Belarus via postcrossing
I don't like the card :(

from Australia via postcrossing
I *LOVE* cards from Australia :3



  1. Toi Australian kortti on kyllä ihana! Niin kaunis maisema verrattuna siihen miltä näyttää kun kattoo täällä nyt ikkunasta ulos...pilviä, sadetta, tuulta... :(

    1. Niimpä!! :) Mutta eipä sielläkään varmaan tällä hetkellä näytä paremmalta kun niillä on paikallinen "talvi" :)

  2. Oh, you got parcel from me! :) Hope you like it! :)