Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!
Had a great day with 2 friends visiting me - N from 12 to 3pm and Kim from 6 to 8pm. Managed to chat with them, rage about various things that has happened (mostly with N as me and Kim tend to spend at least 30min on the phone a day) and have fun. For some reason my future plans seem a lot clearer now and I know what I WANT to happen :)

By 8am my bed was full of glitter and confetti that my pals had hidden within their envelopes - I felt like a fairy and afterwards my brother commented I was more like those glittering twilight vampires :)
I got one letter on my birthday and 2 postcards :3'
So all in all it was a great day and I'll take over my brother's desk for the next week or two (I don't own one :( ) and start writing replies like mad since my brother is going to Korkeasaari zoo in 2 weeks time with his friend and I REALLY want to send my letters with the special cancellation stamp of Korkeasaari!!! :3
But to the pictures~
I think I'll do this again in December :3 Then there would be letters to read on Christmas Eve :3

from Germany
No, I'm not sorry about the crappy photo and lighting

Envelope full of glitter from Germany
My very own bookmark, Rapunzel watercolour work, 4 pages long letter and a birthday card that was trying to be slaughtered by being dipped into glitter (Kim already told me she'll send me an envelope full of glitter instead a Christmas card!)

Another package from Germany!!
Loads of sweets (GREEN TEA KITKAT!!), stamp booklet, letter (Baby the stars shine bright sticker :3) and Sentimental Circus letter set+stickers!!

Close up! :3 12 papers and 6 transparent envelopes!! ^^

Letter + a metal "tile" from Germany.
I LOVE those tiles :3

Birthday card from UK - envelope was FULL of confetti!

First letter + something small from Dalliene
Package from Maria!! All those postcards and stickers!!
Wore the bracelet for the most of the day even though I'm not usually into jewellery :)

And a lovely package from Klaudia :3
Immediately recognized Papeteria's letterpaper!!! I still need to try out the teas :3

Tea, some chocolate and a homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam from my German pal :3
I was wondering why she kept telling me to put the package to the fridge! :')

postcards from N and Kim (this Kim's card came with a stamp on it ;))

Birthday card and 4 empty cards from Chuck

Letter from Emma

Clockwork Princess didn't come in time so N improvised and bought me HUGE new tea set ;D

And Kim knows me too well :3 2 packages of tea, new book (I named it "vampire porn book" due to the synopsis, mum thought I was talking 'bout 50 shades book D:), stamps and loads of postcards :3 And more tea coming when she comes over this weekend!! YAY!! :3


  1. Paljon onnea vielä vanhenemisen johdosta! :)
    Kivan näköisiä kirjeitä ja paketteja :) Noi Joutomaan kortit on musta söpöjä!

    1. Kiitos! :3
      Kaikki kirjeet ja paketit oli AIVAN ihania<3 Oisin voinu jäädä sänkyy lukemaa niitä uudellee ja uudellee :3
      Ikinä ennen en ollu nähny Joutomaan kortteja mutta nyt ihastuin<3

  2. Wow Super cute!! The stickers are really cute haha! btw would you like to follow each other on GFC? let me know :)

  3. On this last swap there are so many moomin stamps, haha! :) I was happy yesterday when I got a letter from Finland with one of this adorable stamps, but well, you had more luck! ;D

    1. The last is a birthday gift from my best friend and she bought those Moomin stamps for me as she knows I love to send postcards and letters and that Moomins are one of my favourite stamps :) So those weren't for me but for my penpals :)