Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #30



to Thailand

to Poland
Linda Peltola's Ystävyys/Friendship

to Czech Republic

to Finland

to Canada

to Malaysia

to Germany and Belgium

to Spain

to Brazil

to Japan

to Australia


to Germany with the new letter set I got from a pal :3
LOVE the transparent envelope!! ^^
to Emma

to Dalliene
to Germany

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #30

After Tuesday all I got were postcards but it's good as the weekend will be spend with fabrics (and probably going through my stuff - what to sell, what to keep) and Kim :3 So I doubt I'll be writing that much before Monday :)


from China via postcrossing

from China (Lithuanian postcard pal was visiting)

from Bree

from Bree

from Bree

from D


from Netherlands via postcrossing

from German penpal

from Kim
Postin takia myöhässä tullu nimppari kortti :( Harmi vaa että toinen nimi on ainoastaa kalenterissa..


from British postcard pal

from Lithuanian postcard pal

from Lithuanian postcard pal

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!
Had a great day with 2 friends visiting me - N from 12 to 3pm and Kim from 6 to 8pm. Managed to chat with them, rage about various things that has happened (mostly with N as me and Kim tend to spend at least 30min on the phone a day) and have fun. For some reason my future plans seem a lot clearer now and I know what I WANT to happen :)

By 8am my bed was full of glitter and confetti that my pals had hidden within their envelopes - I felt like a fairy and afterwards my brother commented I was more like those glittering twilight vampires :)
I got one letter on my birthday and 2 postcards :3'
So all in all it was a great day and I'll take over my brother's desk for the next week or two (I don't own one :( ) and start writing replies like mad since my brother is going to Korkeasaari zoo in 2 weeks time with his friend and I REALLY want to send my letters with the special cancellation stamp of Korkeasaari!!! :3
But to the pictures~
I think I'll do this again in December :3 Then there would be letters to read on Christmas Eve :3

from Germany
No, I'm not sorry about the crappy photo and lighting

Envelope full of glitter from Germany
My very own bookmark, Rapunzel watercolour work, 4 pages long letter and a birthday card that was trying to be slaughtered by being dipped into glitter (Kim already told me she'll send me an envelope full of glitter instead a Christmas card!)

Another package from Germany!!
Loads of sweets (GREEN TEA KITKAT!!), stamp booklet, letter (Baby the stars shine bright sticker :3) and Sentimental Circus letter set+stickers!!

Close up! :3 12 papers and 6 transparent envelopes!! ^^

Letter + a metal "tile" from Germany.
I LOVE those tiles :3

Birthday card from UK - envelope was FULL of confetti!

First letter + something small from Dalliene
Package from Maria!! All those postcards and stickers!!
Wore the bracelet for the most of the day even though I'm not usually into jewellery :)

And a lovely package from Klaudia :3
Immediately recognized Papeteria's letterpaper!!! I still need to try out the teas :3

Tea, some chocolate and a homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam from my German pal :3
I was wondering why she kept telling me to put the package to the fridge! :')

postcards from N and Kim (this Kim's card came with a stamp on it ;))

Birthday card and 4 empty cards from Chuck

Letter from Emma

Clockwork Princess didn't come in time so N improvised and bought me HUGE new tea set ;D

And Kim knows me too well :3 2 packages of tea, new book (I named it "vampire porn book" due to the synopsis, mum thought I was talking 'bout 50 shades book D:), stamps and loads of postcards :3 And more tea coming when she comes over this weekend!! YAY!! :3

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22~

I'm waiting for N and Kim to visit me and hopefully NOT being poisoned by the stuff I baked :P
 AND I'm off to tear open the envelopes and packages that have been waiting for my birthday
THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!You're all amazing


Monday, July 22, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #30 - Monday

I feel like an over excited squirrel running around the house
I've been cleaning up like there's no tomorrow, visited the nearby forest to pick up some mushrooms with my mum but we ended up getting loads of wild raspberries instead and picked up the mail. 2 PACKAGES, LETTER AND A BUNCH OF POSTCARDS!! I seriously couldn't be happiereven though I will be when I tear those open :3

Now I just need to hide all my letter supplies somewhere and clean my room before I get to baking cookies and my cake
from K/Poland

from Dalliene/Poland

from Maria/Finland
Moomin stamp :3

from my British postcard pal from her trip to Slovakia

from Germany via postcrossing
BERLIN CARD!! \(^__^)/

from Belarus via postcrossing
I don't like the card :(

from Australia via postcrossing
I *LOVE* cards from Australia :3