Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #25

Written and Sent

to Germany

to Maria/Finland - with the one Jetoy card from China that I already had myself ;)

to Germany

to Germany

to Germany (I think)

to South Africa

to Germany

to Finland
to Kim (bought the card on the right while she was still thinking of buying it :D)

to D/Austria



to Malaysia

Hopefully more writing next week, after Thursday I've been busy trying to find out how to store my letters as I rarely throw anything away (I even tend to keep the letters of pals who stopped writing to me after just a couple of letters) and bothering my dad by asking when my closet will be ready.. :) Oh and picking wild strawberries from our garden! Got nearly two litres this morning! ^^ And I've been cuddling with my cat while trying to decide whether I'll be going to Animecon (July 13th-14th) with my brother after all as Spoony (The Spoony Experiment) will be one of the guest of honors~ And I've been watching all the FF videos by Spoony once again in case I'll go there and spend my last remaining money for the tickets :)


  1. Ihania papereita oot käyttäny! :) Voiko muuten Suomesta ostaa Jetoy-kortteja?

    1. Happy Go Lucky paperit kyl on vaa niin <3 >3<

      Suomen tilanteesta en muuten tiedä, mutta vanha luokkakaveri sano että Lappeenrannassa on joku pieni kiinalainen puoti (en muista nimeä, vaikka senkin sain kuulla) ja sieltä löytyi ainakin ennen joulua muutama Jetoy kortti :) Muuten ne on aikalailla ebayn kautta ostettavia ja maksaa n. 20€ posteineen ja yleensä siinä on 40 erilaista korttia :)