Sunday, June 9, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #23

Last night was just AMAZING. Heard some of my favourite songs of Stella (Vaaran Päällä, Silmäripset, Puolet Sinusta etc~) and I'm definitely going to miss the band. I've been listening them for 11 years and now I have to find a new Finnish band to listen to.. Already said to Kim that I might need to change to Pariisin Kevät (or Nimetön..).
People were singing along when Stella played Aamun Kuiskaus, Piste. and Korkokengät.. Gosh I LOVE Tavastia. And gigs for adults.. No screaming teens anywhere♥ I seriously can't tell you how much I loved the gig and how sad I am that I won't see them again.. It was my 3rd time I saw them - 2nd time in Tavastia and no matter how good they were in Ruisrock back in 2009 I prefer smaller club gigs.. :)

Aamun Kuiskaus from last year's gig~
LOVE them.

I'm still so hyped of the gig that I can't write anything that would actually even come near how great the gig was.. Except to mention that I have a HUGE headache, my voice is gone and I have blisters on my toes
♥ Gonna play their music for the next week no matter what.
But now to the outgoing mail~


Pixar's Ratatouille card to Estonia via postcrossing
Once again a Porvoo postcard via postcrossing - to Spain and Finland this time

Pixar's "UP" to Germany via postcrossing

Moomin card to Netherlands via postcrossing

Moomin card to Japan via postcrossing

Pixar's Brave card to India via postcrossing :)
to Japanese postcard pal :)
She hoped to receive Looney Tunes cards :)
Garfield card to my Japanese postcard pal :)


Letter to Maria/Finland - took one week to finish this one.....
Letter + Belle postcard to Germany
Letter to Germany.
Anyone remember those Fairy stamps from 2010? :) I had one left and I would have wanted to keep it but a stamp is a stamp~ From where I live those were sold out within the first 2 months - came in January and by March I couldn't find those ANYWHERE.. Wish there would be new Fairy stamps one of these days :) It's been over 3 years!!!


  1. Oi muistan kyl noi keijupostimerkit! En ookkaan huomannu että niitä ei enää olis myynnissä :o! Nyt vasta kun sanoit niin tajusin :(

    1. Ei oo ollu vuosii.. :( 2010 syyskuussa ei enää löytyny ku vaa muutamista postitoimistoista sieltä täältä, netistäki ne oli jo sillo kadonnu :(