Sunday, June 2, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #22


to USA, Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Portugal

Pixar UP card to Netherlands

to Canada.
"I just want to know how you are.."
Moomins to China

Anne Cresci's fairy to Spain
to Japan

Cars 2 to Ukraine

Porvoo card to Belarus

Kuroshitsuji card to Latvia

Tags and Swaps

"With warm thoughts..."
Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxJetoy to Russia

"Nothing is in order without you"
Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxJetoy to Taiwan
Vocaloid card
Private swap with Nathalie/Belgium
Kawaii/Cute RR - DisneyxPixar to Taiwan

Kawaii/Cute RR - DisneyxPixar to France


  1. Oh my card! And I love the disney cards, Cinderella is my favorite :) Bye! Nathalie

    1. I'm not a big fan of the old Princesses but I LOVE Mulan, Rapunzel and Tiana :)

  2. I think I know that scene with Niiskuneiti, Muumipeikko and Pikku

    1. Quite possible as those are "screenshots" from the series :)

    2. Then it's probably the scene where Niiskuneiti falls down somewhere and hits her head...and then thinks she's a prinsessa...:P (because after waking up Muumipeikko told her that, lol.)...and Niiskuneiti doesn't really remember anything...not even who Muumipeikko is...
      And then Myy comes and says that she wants to try...and Muumipeikko is like "she doesn't even remember me, why do you think she'd remember you?"...and Myy replies "Koska minua ei voi unohtaa!"...
      So they try it and Niiskuneiti replies and says "Of course I remember you!"...and then Myy "No, kuka minä olen?"....and Niiskuneiti says "Toinen hovinarrini tietenkin"