Saturday, June 29, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #26 Tue-Fri

Tried to stay offline for this week and gave my internet away (I still used my old laptop and my brother's new fancy laptop when I needed to look up something).. I hoped this would make me write letters but of course the humidity and high temperatures had to come then and I've been more or less like our cat and just laid on the floor most of the time..

I even got some mail but everything has received more or less "meh"-reaction from me as I don't seem to have the energy to read the letters or cards.. :( Of course we live in one of the warmest spots of the area!! :(

But I've decided to try and stay away from my laptop Mon-Fri and only spend it during the weekends (or when I REALLY have to~). And I try (once again) to save up every letter I receive during July for my birthday so the blog will probably be a bit quieter with incoming mail - only postcards will be posted here~ :)
And this will hopefully make me write more so that I can have a letter reading party on my birthday~ :3


Another new Jetoy to my collections :3
via postcrossing forum - Kawaii/Cute RR MoominxJetoy from China
Card from my South Korean pal

from China via postcrossing

from Belarus via postcrossing
The letter (from Germany) I was waiting to receive last week came in a partially transparent envelope with the South Korea - Germany stamp my pal promised to send to me when we talked about stamps in facebook :3 And Sentimental Circus + Rilakkuma papers!!! ^^

Went to pick up the commission Curious mailed and I got to say I LOVE it!! It's beyond perfect *__* I really want to start commissioning people more and more :3

from Germany via postcrossing

from Netherlands via postcrossing

from Taiwan via postcrossing

from my British postcard pal :3

from Kim (1/3)

from Kim (2/3)
The card is JUST for me :DD

from Kim (3/3)
Misstigri card :3

Letter from Germany :)
And no mail on Friday :) But I did manage to get my writing mood back as the temperatures went down to 22ºC :3



  1. Hei kiitos muuten siitä Kiina-kauppa vinkistä! Oon monesti menny täällä sen ohi, mut en oo koskaan käyny siellä, mut tänään kävin. :D Siellä oli vaikka mitä Jetoy-kortteja ja ostinkin sieltä muutaman kuten ton tässä postauksessa olevan kortin. :) Liike nyt tosin muuttaa jonnekin remontin alta (kuten lähes kaikki siinä ostoskeskuksessa olevat liikkeet), en tullut kysyneeksi minne, mutta toivottavasti löydän sen jatkossakin jostain. :D

    1. Ei mitään!! Mukavaa että löyty ja oli apua :D
      Ystävä vaikuttaa aina kiertelevän tollasii pienii putiikkei ja ku sain jouluna Jetoy kortteja kyselin heti että ei kai se nyt ebaystä menny ostamaan niitä yksitellen :D
      Toivottavasti liike löytyy taas ja pääset taas ostelemaan Jetoy kortteja!! :)