Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #24 - Wednesday

Only 2 more days until Desucon and I haven't even thought about packing.. So I won't know about Friday's mail before Sunday IF even then - depending on whether my family will take my mail with us to Jyväskylä.. Probably not D:

But I got mail :) Letter from Maria, 4 postcrossing card (one double and one with typed message D:) and a postcard from my new postcard pal from UK :3

From I/UK :3 LOVE the card!! :DD

Double :( Got one from my penpal back in March :(
from Germany via postcrossing

from Netherlands via postcrossing
with a typed message :/

From Netherlands via postcrossing

from Finland via postcrossing
My first Bambi card :3

And Maria's letter plus postcard, short story and a drawing :3

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