Thursday, June 13, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #24 - Thursday

Next incoming mail update will be coming on Monday June 24th unless something happens :)
Tomorrow I'm off to Lahti (via Porvoo - to get my laptop after 1 months repairment and Helsinki - to get a new wig for Kim before Desucon) and on Sunday I'll continue to Jyväskylä from there.. One night in Jyväskylä and then to my aunt's summer cottage with my 2 cousins we nicknamed "terrorists" when they were small.. So no internet even though I have my laptop with me (due to the fact that I can't go get it afterwards - if I don't get it tomorrow I'll need to wait until August ;;__;;) but HOPEFULLY I'll be able to write a letter or two~ ^^

But to today's mail - POSTCARDS!! :D 3 via postcrossing, one via postcrossing forums and last one from my Russian postcard pal :)

from Belarus

from Belarus - CAME IN 3 DAYS!!! :O SERIOUSLY! SO fast!!

from Portugal - again, 3 days

Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxKotovasiya from Russia

Bicycle stamps :D

Korean band 2NE1 - LOVE the band and my postcard pal sent me a card of them!! :3


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